Warrior Movement Nike photo 1

From left, Nike COO Eric Sprunk, NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan, Arlee senior Greg Whitesell, former Arlee student-athlete Will Mesteth, Arlee senior Lane Johnson, and Arlee basketball coach Zanen Pitts spread the Warrior Movement's message to roughly 300 people at Nike's headquarters in June. 

In case you missed it, Arlee's Warrior Movement — the suicide prevention message from the Warriors and Scarlets basketball teams — was aired on NBA TV on Sunday

NBA TV's "Beyond The Paint" showcased players from both teams as well as Arlee boys coach Zanen Pitts and how their suicide awareness video captivated both the state and the nation. 

Watch Beyond The Paint: Arlee Warriors Part One here and Beyond The Paint: Arlee Warriors Part Two here

Both Arlee teams begin district tournament play this week. The Warriors are the two-time defending State C champions and are entering the 14-C district tournament as the top seed with a record of 17-1 overall and 12-0 in conference play. The Scarlets are also the No. 1 seed in their district, sporting a record of 12-6 and 11-1. 

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