Ennis - Jourdain Klein

Ennis senior Jourdain Klein was named to the Treasure State Girls roster for the Southwest Montana All-Star Basketball Classic which will be played on Tuesday at the Maroon Activities Center.

Rosters for the 2019 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic, which will be played Tuesday, March 12 at the Maroon Activities Center, have been selected. A committee of sport writers, broadcasters, and media personnel selected the teams after receiving nominations from the coaches of participating schools.

According to Butte Chamber of Commerce Director Stephanie Sorini, the committee is excited about the caliber of players selected for the games, saying “We believe we have assembled some of the best high school players in the state." 

The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a girls’ game, followed by the boys’ game at 7:30 p.m. Games will include three-point contests at half-time. Half-time entertainment will feature performances by the Dynamic Dance & Tumbling Co. The Butte High School and Butte Central Bands will be in attendance, along with the cheer squads from Butte High.

Tickets for the games will go on sale Monday at the Butte Chamber of Commerce, 1000 George Street, and at 5 p.m. at the Maroon Activities Center on game day. The game is sponsored by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Committee.

Below are the rosters for the 2019 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic. 

Coaching Staffs

Big Sky Boys

- Quinn Peoples, a former Butte Central and Montana State Billings player and a current Butte Central girls assistant coach.

- Hattie Thatcher, a former Butte High and Montana Tech player and a current Butte Central girls assistant coach. 

Treasure State Boys

- Jordan Overstreet, a former Montana Western player and currently the head girls basketball coach at Ennis High School.

- Mady Speck, currently the assistant girls basketball coach at Ennis High School

Big Sky Girls

- Josh Keller, head boys basketball coach at Twin Bridges High School.

- Andy Nye, assistant boys basketball coach at Twin Bridges High School.

Treasure State Girls

- Jared Smithson, head boys basketball coach at Ennis High School.

- Cole Cavan, assistant boys basketball coach at Ennis High School.

Big Sky Girls

Coaches: Josh Keller and Andy Nye

Ally Cleverly, Butte High

Brittney Tierney, Butte High

Aspen Lovshin, Butte High

Haley Herron, Butte High

Tricia Joyce, Butte Central

Bella Sorini, Butte Central

Emma Keeley, Butte Central

Sofee Thatcher, Butte Central

Rachael Nicholson, Deer Lodge

Rylee Grey, Deer Lodge

Clancy Phillips, Twin Bridges

Brynna Wolfe, Whitehall


Makenna Carpenter, Butte High

Kamryn Scully, Deer Lodge

Alyssa Lamb, Deer Lodge

Mya Wirth, Deer Lodge

Blu Keim, Twin Bridges 

Treasure State Girls

Coaches: Jared Smithson and Cole Cavan

Logan Stetzner, Anaconda

Isabel Saltenberger, Anaconda

Arieona Mattson, Anaconda

Josey Jones, Dillon

Tylia DeJohn, Dillon

Jourdain Klein, Ennis

Whitney McKitrick, Ennis

Rachel Van Blaricon, Jefferson

Ashley Pankratz, Jefferson

Eamma Grange, Phillipsburg

Sara Kielley, Drummond

Danna Ochoa, West Yellowstone


Lindsay Seitzinger, Anaconda

Sydney Phillips, Drummond

Rylee Hilmo, Drummond

Sarah Goff, Phillipsburg

Rebeka Everest, West Yellowstone

Kate Jackson, West Yellowstone

Avery Parker, West Yellowstone

Emmy Collins, West Yellowstone 

Big Sky Boys

Coaches: Quinn Peoples and Hattie Thatcher

Cade Holter, Butte Central

Dylan Sestrich, Butte Central

Braden Harrington, Butte Central

Luke Heaphy, Butte Central

Kash Kelly, Butte High

Clay Ferguson, Butte High

Trevyn Roth, Butte High

Danny McCloskey, Butte High

Dyllen McDermid, Deer Lodge

Greydon Nicholson, Deer Lodge

Vern Homner, Harrison

Bryce Harrington, Jefferson

Clay Wolfe, Whitehall 


Kale McCarthy, Butte High

Matt Simkins, Butte Central

Luke Clima, Harrison

Avery Stiles, Jefferson

Bobby Cox, Lima

Logan Messeger, Lima

Reece Duck, Lima

Peyton Haines,, Lima

Walker Nygren, Lima

Kade Briggs, Whitehall

Dalton Danley, Deer Lodge

Judd Applegate, Deer Lodge

Treasure State Boys

Coaches: Jordan Overstreet and Mady Speck

Michael Galle, Anaconda

Leroy Wilson, Anaconda

Michael Haverfield, Dillon

Jace Fitzgerald, Dillon

Bradley Rakich, Dillon

Bryce Nye, Twin Bridges

Daniel Kruer, Twin Bridges

Luke Hughes, Twin Bridges

Jonah Parke, Drummond

Luke Holland, Drummond

Kade Cutler, Phillipsburg

Trevor Swanson, Ennis

Sammy Loffin, West Yellowstone


Kylar Gochenauer, Anaconda

Braden Sawyer, Anaconda

Eli Saltenberger, Anaconda

Braden Anderson, Dillon

Kole Truman, Dillon

Riley Allen, Drummond

Damien Pool, Drummond

Ian Swanson, Ennis

Mack Hauck, West Yellowstone

Nathan Norse, West Yellowstone

Nate Konen, Twin Bridges

Charlie Kruer, Twin Bridges

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