Westby's head coach Troy Walters

Westby-Genora superintendent and head football coach Troy Walters is under investigation for multiple claims of wrongdoing, six related to football. Walters led the Thunder to the State 6-Man title in 2017.

WILLISTON, N.D. — Westby-Grenora head football coach Troy Walters is under investigation for "multiple claims of wrongdoing" — six related to football — the Williston Herald reported April 5.

According to the Herald, a Bismarck law firm investigated allegations against Walters and prepared a report for the district school board. After reviewing the report, the board did not suspend Walters but voted 5-2 on Wednesday, April 3, to consider terminating his contract during a meeting at a later date.

The paper reported the allegations against Walters -- also the superintendent of Grenora, North Dakota, schools -- as:

• Addressing school staff in an inappropriate manner at staff meetings, possibly trying to scare or threaten staff into not participating in the investigation;

• Manipulating enrollment count so the school would remain eligible for 6-Man football;

• Spending more school and/or co-op funds on football than is appropriate;

• Having football players participate in practice and/or games when they shouldn’t have because of injuries or academic eligibility issues;

• Allowing student-athletes to get away with drug and alcohol violations or pressuring others to do so;

• Drinking alcohol while chaperoning students in hotels at away games;

• Using school vehicles for personal benefit; 

• Using school money for personal benefit.

Walters coached Westby-Grenora to its first 6-Man state title in 2017.

Thomas Kelsch, an attorney representing Walters, told the Herald the coach is preparing a rebuttal to the report. He added that parts of the report were biased, the paper said.

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