TOWNSEND — Cody Graveley has more on his mind than just another Class B-C state golf tournament.

The Townsend High golfer has his sights set at breaking some of his brother's records as he prepares to guide the Bulldogs to another competitive season.

His brother, Jaden,  holds every meaningful Bulldogs school record for golf since he graduated in 2017.

"I would like to finish in the top five at state, and honestly just try to have the best season as I possibly can," Graveley said. "I would like to go out with a bang my senior season, and make the most of my last golf season."

During the offseason, Graveley has been hitting and digging out the snow trying to get opportunities to run the golf range. He has also sought the assistance of the Three Meadow golf simulator at the Three Meadow Country Club in Helena.

Graveley finished seventh at the Class B-C state golf tournament last season, and the year prior he placed ninth.

Bulldogs coach Pete Robischon has noticed an improvement in his game every single season, and this year, he doesn't expect it to be any different.

"He has improved every single year, and this year was a real breakout for him and all the parts of the game, and now he has the experience at competing at the highest level," Robischon said. "It should be delightful (to coach him) this spring."

Gravely is not only driven by chasing his brother's laurels, but he is also motivated by his desire to be successful.

"The reason I practice every day is that I can't' stand not doing well, and I have to get back there and prove my placing," Graveley said. "I am motivated (after our team took second last year) to prove my place at state, and I want to use finishing first as my inspiration to work harder as a team."

Robischon foresees Gravely being able to vie for one of the top-five spots in the Class B-C state golf tournament this year.

"He will still have to fight for that position," Robischon said. "I think I would be able to picture him getting in that top-five as a senior."

Unlike a lot of high school golf competitors at his level, Graveley has stated he doesn't desire to play at the college level.

Graveley has his sights sets on becoming a commercial pilot as he plans on attending Summit Aviation, in Belgrade, after he finishes his high school career.

"I've wanted to that since I was in middle school," Graveley said. "I'll have to spend two years (in Belgrade), and then spend many years getting the hours I need to get a job."

In spite of not wanting to compete at the collegiate level, he doesn't plan on giving up the sport of golf anytime soon. 

"I don't plan on stop golfing anytime soon that is for sure," Graveley said. "That is a sport I'll probably play until I die for sure."

Jason Blasco is the lead prep sports reporter for the Helena Indepedent-Record and a sports reporter for the network.

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