HELENA — Helena Capital High's Carson DesRosier was told he began wrestling before he even knew what the sport was.

DesRosier, with the encouragement of his parents, channeled his rambunctious energy into wins on the mat and won 32 matches during his freshman year, where the majority of his competition was older than him at that weight class.

"When I was five, I started wrestling," DeRosier said. "I had so much energy and I was roughhousing too much. My parents put me into wrestling, and I built up from there."

DesRosier's parents encouraged him to wrestle in club-designated middle school wrestling events throughout the country in regions such as Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada.

"In middle school, I wrestled a lot more out of state and that helped me get to see some of the best kids in other states," DesRosier said. "It helped me prepare for high school and what I was going to see."

Now DesRosier will be on the big stage in the 120-pound weight class at the Class AA seeding tournament Saturday in Missoula.

Though he is a freshman, he and his teammates will be ready.

"I am keeping my mind off wins and losses," DesRosier said. "It's important as the season comes to an end to focus on getting better."

Bruins wrestling coach Jeff Mahana said DesRosier has already made an impact on his team in his first season wrestling at the high school level.

"It's nice that we are going to have him for a few more years," Mahana said. "His work ethic is contagious, and he is helping his teammates around him with tips and tricks. He's all over the place. His experience makes him a great mat leader, and he continues to have that role."

Capital developed a reputation over the years for having decorated athletes who embrace the blue-collar mentality, and Mahana said DesRosier has personified this in his young but successful career.

"Carson is the quiet working type who has spent his whole life on the wrestling mat," Mahana said. "His parents made sure he traveled the country wrestling and doing all of those things. He's always spending extra time running and still working out. He's always been that driven sort of guy. "

Mahana, who has a talented and deep Class AA team, feels DesRosier could be one of the critical pieces to capturing a potential team championship.

"He's the personification of a Capital High athlete," Mahana said. "He's a blue-collar worker. He has to earn everything, and scraps and fights for it all. We want him to finish the season right." 

Jason Blasco is the lead prep sports reporter for the Helena Indepedent-Record and a sports reporter for the 406mtsports.com network.

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