HELENA — Authors Jeff Welsch of "Montana Greats: From A (Absarokee) to Z (Zurich), The Greatest Athletes From 264 Montana Communities" and Brian D'Ambrosio of "Montana Murders: Notorious and Unsolved" will be signing their books at Montana Book Company in Helena on Thursday night.

The event starts at 6:15 p.m. at the store at 331 N. Last Chance Gulch.

"Montana Greats" was the result of a two-year research project to identify the greatest athletes from Montana communities large and small — including some with just a handful of residents. Included in the capital city area are Helena, Montana City, Clancy, Wolf Creek, Townsend and Boulder.

"Montana Murders" examines the most notorious murders in state history, ranging from the frontier days to more recent cases — some solved and some not. D'Ambrosio also has written "Montana and the NFL" as well as a book about Montana boxer Marvin Camel.

For more information, contact Montana Book Company at 406-443-0260.

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