BOZEMAN — We could only choose one person per community for our recent Montana Greats series, which made for some painfully difficult decisions.

Some extraordinary athletes were necessarily omitted from the six-week project, especially from Montana's seven largest cities. Most notable among them: Shannon Cate of Billings, Greg Rice of Missoula, Brock Osweiler of Kalispell and Todd Foster of Great Falls, just to name a few.

Billings - Shannon Cate

Shannon Cate high-fives students before a regular season game against Hardin in 1987. Cate, now Shannon Schweyen and the Montana Lady Griz basketball coach, would've been the greatest from most Montana towns — but she was from Billings, home to baseball legend Dave McNally.

Below is a lengthy list of Montana Greats who merit honorable mention, many courtesy of readers who read the project word for word over six weeks. We welcome additions.

Arlee: Les Curry, basketball

Anaconda: Cory Huot, football

Anaconda: Rob Johnson, baseball

Anaconda: Ed Kalafat, basketball

Anaconda: Milan Lazetich, football

Anaconda: Judy Morstein (Martz), speed skating

Augusta: Kim Freeman, basketball

Augusta: Bridget Troy (Hanson), rowing

Baker: John Venell, football

Baker: Paul Vennell, football

Bigfork: Bill Lindsay, hockey

Big Sandy: Duane Olson, wrestling

Billings: Christina Aragon, track and field

Billings - Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard of Billings pitched in the Major Leagues with the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Billings: Jeff Ballard, baseball

Billings: Shannon Cate (Schweyen), basketball

Billings: Jim Creighton, basketball

Billings: Mitch Donahue, football

Billings: Brad Holland, basketball

Billings: Kane Ioane, football

Billings: Joe McIntosh, baseball

Billings: Gary Neibauer, baseball

Billings: Les Rohr, baseball

Billings: Kirk Scrafford, football

Billings: Stacey Smiedala, track and field

Billings: Leslie Spalding, golf

Box Elder: Scott Henderson, basketball

Bozeman: Conrad Anker, mountaineering

Bozeman: Brick Breeden, basketball

Bozeman: Danny Brelsford, skiing

Bozeman: Travis Dorsch, football

Bozeman - Dane Fletcher

Dane Fletcher (52) played at Bozeman High and Montana State. He spent some time in the NFL with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bozeman: Dane Fletcher, football

Bozeman: Nikki Kimball, running

Bozeman: Mike McLeod, football

Bozeman: Kevin Sweeney, football

Bozeman: Teejay Van Garderen, cycling

Bozeman: Max Worthington, basketball

Broadus: Shawn Samuelson, basketball

Browning: Gary Crossguns, basketball

Browning: Joe Hipp, boxing

Browning: Malia Kipp, basketball

Butte: Colt Anderson, football

Butte: Scott Brow, baseball

Butte: Keith Jardine, mixed martial arts

Butte: Evel Knievel, daredevil

Butte - Evel Knievel Retrospective

Butte daredevil Evel Knievel is pictured here with his first wife.

Butte: Levi Leipheimer, cycling

Butte: Jack McAuliffe, football

Butte: Bob O'Billovich, football

Butte: Milt Popovich, football

Butte: Dave Silk, speed skating

Butte: Jim Sweeney, football

Butte: Brad Wilson, skiing

Cascade: Steamboat Williams, baseball

Choteau: Alicia Breen, basketball

Choteau: Mark Fellows, football

Columbus: Brian Brown, football

Columbus: Dusty Beer, hill climbing

Culbertson: Ron Larson, football

Darby: Ric Brown, track and field

Darby: Kirk Walker, basketball

Deer Lodge - Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson, who was born in Deer Lodge, had a lengthy career as a player and Hall of Fame coach in the NBA. 

Deer Lodge: Phil Jackson, basketball

Deer Lodge: Tommy Lynch, boxing

Deer Lodge: Matt Ruple, wrestling

Deer Lodge: Gordon Ruttenbur, track and field

Dillon: Troy Andersen, football

Dillon: Lyle Weese, track and field

East Helena: Herb Plews, baseball

East Helena: Kes Rigler, baseball

Ekalaka: Chris Benz, football

Ennis: Brad Gleason, rodeo

Fairfield: Kermit Young, basketball

Fairview: Monte Cayko, wrestling

Fairview: Mel and Rollie Miller, boxing

Frenchtown: Kenley Graves, baseball

Froid: Katie Ruud, track and field

Geraldine: Toni Qunell, track and field

Glendive: Roger Fasting, basketball

Glendive: Adam Morrison, basketball

Glendive: Mason Tobin, baseball

Great Falls: Terry Casey, hockey

Great Falls: Barry Darrow, football

Great Falls: Scott Davis, figure skating

Great Falls: Pat Dwyer, hockey

Great Falls: Todd Foster, boxing

Great Falls: John Gibbons, baseball

Great Falls: Jack Gillespie, basketball

Great Falls: Kris Heppner, football

Great Falls: Josh Heustis, basketball

Great Falls: Dean Kromarek, boxing

Great Falls - Ryan Leaf

Former NFL quarterback and Great Falls native Ryan Leaf speaks in 2011 about the ups and downs of his life and career during Montana State University-Northern's new student orientation in Havre. Leaf, now a college football analyst at ESPN, talks openly about dealing with failure, his addiction to painkillers and his life after the NFL. 

Great Falls: Ryan Leaf, football

Great Falls: John Leister, baseball

Great Falls: Dallas Neil, football

Great Falls: John Petkevich, figure skating

Great Falls: Brian Salonen, football

Great Falls: Kris Schmitt, track and field

Great Falls: Bill Zadick, wrestling

Great Falls: Mike Zadick, wrestling

Hamilton: Chris Jones, boxing

Hardin - Jonathan Takes Enemy

Hardin’s Jonathan Takes Enemy averaged 41 points per game at the 1984 Class A state boys basketball tournament.

Hardin: Jonathan Takes Enemy, basketball

Hardin: Tim Fox, track and field

Harlem: John Allen, football

Havre: Jeff Doyle, baseball

Havre: Cliff Hinkle, boxing

Havre - Loree Payne

Loree Payne was a standout athlete at Havre and then the University of Washington. She's now the head women's basketball coach at Northern Arizona.

Havre: Loree Payne, basketball

Helena: Dan Carpenter, football

Helena: Dave Meier, baseball

Helena: Matt Miller, football

Helena: Bobby Petrino, football

Helena: Herb Plews, baseball

Helena: Scot Schmidt, skiing

Helena: Wendy Stuker, soccer

Highwood: Rachel Semansky, basketball

Hysham: Joe Moerkerke, track and field

Jackson: Frances Strodtman-Royer, trap shooting

Jackson: Walter Ward Zobell, trap shooting

Jordan: John A. Burns, track and field

Kalispell: Grady Bennett, football

Kalispell: Lex Hilliard, football

Kalispell: Sam McCullum, football

Kalispell: Dylan McFarland, football

Kalispell - Brock Osweiler

Kalispell's Brock Osweiler had some strong performances as an NFL quarterback, including a big Sunday night win over New England while playing for the Denver Broncos.

Kalispell: Brock Osweiler, football

Kirby: Clinton Small, rodeo

Lambert: Kerry Pribnow, football

Lambert: Nick Vaira, basketball

Laurel: Brad Dantic, track and field

Lewistown: Arnold Gillette, track and field

Lewistown: John Munski, track and field

Libby: Keith Tower, basketball

Libby: John Tushaus, track and field

Livingston: Ed Bouchee, baseball

Livingston: Kral Ferch, basketball

Livingston: Dan Johnson, track and field

Livingston: Carole O'Rourke Smith, rodeo

Lolo: William Hamilton, motocross

Lolo: Don Owen, wrestling

Malta: Linda Cummings, basketball

Malta - Bobbi Knudsen

Bobbi Knudsen of Malta had a standout basketball career at MSU Billings.

Malta: Bobbi Knudsen, basketball

Malta: Kelly Pankratz, basketball

Malta: Craig Stiles, track and field

Malta: Sophia Stiles, basketball

Manhattan: Brand Robinson, basketball

Miles City: Caleb Frare, baseball

Miles City: Russ Peterson, football

Miles City: Curt Schmidt, baseball

Missoula: Eric Bergoust, skiing

Missoula: Katharine Berkoff, swimming

Missoula: Gene Davis, wrestling

Missoula: Dick Doyle, track and field

Missoula - John Elway

John Elway, now the general manager for the Denver Broncos and a Hall of Fame quarterback, lived in Missoula as a youngster when his father Jack coached with the Griz.

Missoula: John Elway, football

Missoula: Mike Felde, boxing

Missoula: John Friesz, football

Missoula: Bill Kelly, football

Missoula: Steve Kragthorpe, football

Missoula: Marti Leibenguth, basketball

Missoula: Mike Lewis, basketball

Missoula: Mike Ramos, track and field

Missoula: Greg Rice, track and field

Missoula: Taylor Tankersley, baseball

Moore: Tara Taylor, volleyball

Park City: David Gauthier, basketball

Peerless: Joel Nieskens, football

Plains: Wayne Baker, football

Plains: Heather Frye, fencing

Plentywood: Zoonie McLean, football

Plentywood: Kraig Paulson, basketball

Polson: Bree Fuqua, track and field

Polson: Mike Geer, track and field

Polson: Kasey Harwood, track and field

Power: Brad Bauman, baseball

Power: Rod Tweet, football

Pryor: Dana Goes Ahead, cross country

Pryor: Garren Goes Ahead, basketball

Pryor: Luke Spotted Bear, basketball

Red Lodge: Nolan Gallagher, baseball

Ronan: Jim Darlington, wrestling

Roundup: Sarah Graves, basketball

Roundup - Kamber Kelly

Kamber Kelly of Roundup was one of the best setters in Montana State history after playing four years for the Bobcats after winning three Class B championships at Roundup where her mom coached. 

Roundup: Kamber Kelly, volleyball

Roundup: Kandice Kelly (Gregorak), volleyball

Roundup: Vic Lindskog, football

Roundup: Stuart Sanner, football

Rudyard: Gary Warhank, basketball

St. Ignatius: Will Hammond, basketball

Savage: Pat Foster, football

Savage: Wade Hagler, football

Scobey: Martin Farver, track and field

Scobey: Kevin K.C. Holum, baseball

Shelby: Mat Seidensticker, basketball

Sidney: Brandon Eggum, wrestling

Simms: Tim Lowry, football

Stanford: Dan Brady, track and field

Superior: Logan Labbe, track and field

Three Forks - Vicki Carle

Vicki Heebner (Carle) had a standout career at Three Forks and Montana State in basketball before becoming a distinguished volleyball coach at Billings Skyview.

Three Forks: Vicki Heebner (Carle), basketball

Troy: Sean Opland, football

Troy: Jaime Volkmann, volleyball

Turner: Cheryl Keller, basketball

Turner: Juliann Keller, basketball

Twin Bridges: Rooster Reynolds, rodeo

Ulm: Danny Groux, track and field

Ulm: Joe Rasmussen, basketball

Whitefish: Rick Donahue, golf

Whitefish: Sierra Fellers, skateboarding

Whitefish: Steve Kastella, basketball

Whitefish: Joel Rosenberg, football

Whitefish: Reid Sabin, telemark skiing 

Whitefish: Maggie Voisin, skiing

Whitehall: Jeanne McNulty, basketball

Wise River: Howard Johnson, track and field

Wolf Point: John Lowenstein, baseball

Wolf Point: Montie Montana, rodeo

Wolf Point: Bill Smith, basketball

Worden: Mandy Morales, basketball

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