MISSOULA — Moments after finishing the 10K race on Saturday in the Missoula YMCA Riverbank Run, Jacob Verrue doused himself in water.

Or at least, he thought it was water. Verrue actually rinsed himself off with blue Gatorade. 

"I hate Gatorade," Verrue said, shaking his head. 

Verrue, a Missoula resident, lives just blocks away from the finish line, so in between the 10K and the 5K races, he went home for a quick shower.  

Verrue, 36, participated in the trifecta event, meaning he ran timed races in the 10K, 5K and the mile on Saturday. Among the trifecta participants, Verrue won the 10K with a time of 34 minutes, 32.47 seconds, placed second in the 5K in a time of 17 minutes, 59.29 seconds, and won the mile in 5 minutes, 22.85 seconds.

"I feel very blessed to be healthy and use my body and push it to the limit," he said. "It feels good. I truly get a runner's high every time. I'm usually smiling."

His happy demeanor shined through as he crossed the finish line to win the mile. Instead of raising his hands to celebrate, he dabbed across the line. 

"I was like if I win, I said to my son, 'I need to dab or do a dance,'" Verrue said. "I just felt like doing something silly."

Verrue's trifecta event win was just 12 days after he ran in the Boston Marathon. The miserable weather conditions on that Monday in Beantown motivated him for more. 

"No one did a good time in Boston," Verrue said of his 2 hour, 58 minute, 19 second race. "And I felt like I had something to prove after that."

In a contrast to Boston, the weather on Saturday couldn't have been better. Temperatures were in the 50s and 60s for the races. 

Reagan Colyer, 22, swept all three trifecta races on the women's side.

She finished the 10K in 38 minutes, 37.92 seconds, the 5K in 19 minutes, 41.40 seconds and the mile in 5 minutes, 30.53 seconds.

"That last mile hurt a lot just from the get-go, so I think I've earned my slice of pizza or whatever I'm going to have for lunch," Colyer said, laughing.

Colyer's outing on Saturday was her first time running in the Riverbank Run since her collegiate track and field career at Montana came to a close in 2017. 

The former Big Sky Conference champion and Montana record holder in the indoor 800-meter run plans on running in the Governor's Cup half marathon in June and used Saturday to train.

"I'm retired now, kind of," Colyer said. "I've transitioned to road racing. The 10K and the 5K are pretty long for me, but it's been a super fun day. Hopefully I'll be back next year too."

10K race

Four-time Missoula Marathon champion Trisha Drobeck took the crown in the 10K race, crossing the finish line in a time of 35 minutes, 38.36 seconds. 

Drobeck, of Missoula, ran alongside her husband, Andy Drobeck — who holds the world record for a mile run in a full firefighting uniform.

"I don't think I've ever run one race," Trisha said. "I've done the trifecta every time, but now I'm just too old for that ... I've learned. I was like, 'You know what? This year I'm just doing the 10K and calling it good.'"

She added: "It's actually quite relieving. There's such a long time between events. It's really hard not to get stiff and tighten up in between events, and it takes the whole morning."

Drobeck said her time was a personal best and that she hadn't finished a 10K in less than 36 minutes before. 

"I'm just a month shy of my 38th birthday, so I'm showing that the old ladies can still work hard and do good," she said, laughing. 

Drobeck had her first child, Maisie, a little over a year ago. Since she was three weeks removed from having Maisie last year, this was her first year back participating in the Riverbank Run since 2016. 

She ran in the half marathon at the Missoula Marathon last summer after having Maisie, but she's thinking about making a return to the full marathon race for 2018.

"I'm thinking about it, yeah," Drobeck said. "It's definitely in the back of my mind and I feel like I proved to myself today that I still have a little bit of speed and some of my hard work is paying off. I have to get into some of the longer runs and that's a struggle, but I would love to do it, let's put it that way."

Mac Bloom, of Missoula, won the men's 10K and crossed the finish line in a time of 32 minutes, 51.34 seconds. 

That time was exactly a minute faster than his second-place finish in the Riverbank Run's 10K last year. 

"I'm really happy with it," the former Grizzly cross country and track athlete said. "It was my first race of the season, a good rust buster."

He added of the Riverbank Run in general: "I love the atmosphere, being able to finish right along the river right now with all the leaves starting to pop out. It's just a gorgeous setting, plus, so many people turn out. There's a lot of people cheering. It's a really fun atmosphere. I kinda feel like it captures the spirit of Missoula."

5K race

Missoula's Tanner Klumph, 14, took home the 5K title on the men's side with a time of 18 minutes, 55.28 seconds. Klumph is an eighth grader and tore up the middle school cross country scene this past year, winning his races in three of his four meets. 

Missoula's Colleen Ferriter, 35, won the 5K on the women's side with a time of 22 minutes, 25.15 seconds. 

In total, there were 1,888 finishers in the Riverbank Run — 1,052 women and 836 men.

One of those participants was University of Montana President Seth Bodnar. He ran in the 5K race with his children.

"It's just, I think, a great example of what makes Missoula so special," Bodnar said of the Riverbank Run. "The beauty of getting to run through our campus and the city and enjoy getting out and enjoying a little physical fitness on a beautiful day. That's what we want to do, and getting our kids involved."

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