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BUTTE — The Mining City Tommyknockers begin their inaugural season on May 25, but the team has scheduled preseason exhibitions in both Helena and Anaconda, giving southwest Montana an early look at the team.

As spring slowly approaches in Butte, the Tommyknockers will begin the regular season on the road, with their first home game scheduled for June 1. Fans only have to wait until late May to see the team though, thanks to the exhibitions.

"My hope was that the first game in the inaugural season would be at home," said Tommyknockers general manager Dane Wagner. "But with the way the schedule panned out, I worked to get us a preseason showcase series for the fans."

The first exhibition game will be on Friday May 21 at Kindrick Field in Helena. The team will play again on Saturday May 22 at Washoe Ballpark in Anaconda. Both games will be played against the Casper Horseheads, and will include fireworks and other festivities, starting at 6 p.m.

Fan engagement and providing fun opportunities is a priority for the team, and a significant reason for the showcase series according to Wagner.

"They're going to be huge events," Wagner said. "Part of why I wanted to do this in other cities is to build our fan base. We want people to drive from Anaconda for the regular season. I'm hoping to have Butte people, Anaconda people and Helena people at our games."

Helena and Anaconda residents will be able to see players with MLB-potential and Montana natives pursuing their baseball careers. While not finalized just yet, the Tommyknockers roster is nearly filled.

Pitcher and Missoula Sentinel alum Drew Leonard, Seth Lucero of Dawson Community College and Butte native Liam Sommer will be some of the faces fans can become familiar with during the showcase series.

Once the regular season begins, live streams will be available for fans to follow the team for both home and road games. Radio and television broadcast plans are also still in the works according to Wagner.

Single-game and season tickets are on sale at

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