Helena Fall Bowling League (Jan. 3)

Dec. 28-Jan. 3

Weekly submissions of bowling scores for the 2021-2022 season at Sleeping Giant Lanes:

Women's high games: Barb Sheridan 278, Big Sky; Laura Whale, Ladies Classic and Caitlyn Murphy, Sunday Night Out, 233

Men's high games: Shawn Jacobs 278, Renegade; George Cotton 277, Big Sky; Jonathan Jensen 269, Big Sky

Women's high series: Barb Sheridan 613, Big Sky; Kendra Komeotis 589, Sunday Night Live; Kimberly Bolan 586, Ladies Classic

Men's high series: Shawn Jacobs 768, Renegade; George Cotton 708, Renegade; Rick Thiel 702, Knights of Columbus

Senior Women's high games: Alice Heath 177, Thursday Seniors; Marlene Dupree 159, Capital Seniors Mixed; Perrie White 148, Thursday Seniors

Senior Men's high games: John Darlow 223, Capital Seniors Mixed; Bruce McMaster 207, Capital Seniors Mixed; Shane Mosier 196, Thursday Seniors

Senior Women's high series: Alice Heath 473, Thursday Seniors; Marlene Dupree 424; Capital Seniors Mixed; Sue Kearns 410, Capital Seniors Mixed

Senior Men's high series: EJ Sheridan 585, Capital Seniors Mixed; Shane Mosier 568, Thursday Seniors; Jay Redfern 554, Capital Seniors Mixed

Overall league leaders:

Big Sky: Barb Sheridan and Kevin Lindgren 278

Knights of Columbus: Theresa Sroczyk 245 and Tony Woodward 300

Sweet 16: Rae Runnion 242 and Tony Woodward 290

Thursday Seniors: Mary Graff 191 and Ed Gunter 255

Sunday Night Live: Kendra Komeotis 221 and Miles Lavigne 265

Sunday Night Out: Caitlyn Murphy 247, Kelly Strandberg 289

Ladies Classic: Jenny Chambers 277

Renegade: Rich Franco 300

Capital Seniors Mixed: Jacquelin Huff 255 and John Covert 248

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