School Men's coach (Years completed) Base salary Women's coach (Years completed) Base salary
Montana State Danny Sprinkle (1st) $164,000 Tricia Binford (15th) $165,000
Eastern Washington Shantay Legans (3rd) $130,000 Wendy Schuller (19th) $110,000
Idaho Zac Claus (1st) $130,000 Jon Newlee (12th) $96,179.20
Idaho State Ryan Looney (1st) $115,000 Seton Sobolewski (12th) $110,011.20
Montana Travis DeCuire (6th) $180,000 Mike Petrino (Zero, interim) $80,000
Northern Arizona Shane Burcar (1st) $198,000 Loree Payne (3rd) $145,000
Northern Colorado Steve Smiley (Zero) $156,938 Jennifer Huth (2nd) $132,967
Portland State Barret Peery (3rd) $170,004 Lynn Kennedy (5th) $120,000
Sacramento State Brian Katz (12th) $300,000 Bunky Harkleroad (7th) $130,008
Southern Utah Todd Simon (4th) $149,000 Tracy Sanders (2nd) $110,000
Weber State Randy Rahe (14th) $192,594 Velaida Harris (2nd) $115,000

A breakdown of men's and women's basketball head coaching base salaries.

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