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Bobby Hauck addresses the crowd at his inaugural press conference after being named Montana football's next head coach."My expectation for us is to win championships here," he said. "We're going to do that."

MISSOULA — Around gridirons in the state of Montana, "Hauck" is a last name that's synonymous with excellence. 

The Hauck brothers — Tim and Bobby — are revered for what they've accomplished. 

Tim, currently the safeties coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, played for the Grizzlies in his college days and played in the NFL from 1990-2002. 

Bobby is the second winningest coach in UM history. With 80 wins, Bobby is six wins away from overtaking fellow Grizzly legend Don Read's record of 85 wins as a Montana head coach. 

With Bobby Hauck back holding the reins at Montana, that's a feat that's in reach. 

"I'm thrilled to be back as the head coach at my alma mater for the second time," Hauck said in his introductory press conference Friday. "It's a real privilege and an honor to be the head coach here."

Hauck said just looking at the photos from years past in the Hall of Champions and the elevator to get to the Canyon Club juiced him up with energy and excitement. 

One of those pictures in the elevator in the east side of Washington-Grizzly Stadium is of Hauck embracing Shane MacIntyre after the player blocked a 28-yard field goal to defeat No. 23 Eastern Washington, 31-28, on the road in 2004.

"I'm fired up," Hauck said. "I want to get back to that. We don't show pictures of scoreboards where the Griz have less than the opponent. I'm really excited to start today building this thing back up to where it needs to be. I'm reinvigorated, energized, and maybe more so just after walking here from the offices."


Hauck hasn't coached in the Big Sky since 2009, but he feels that the league hasn't really changed — other than for one thing. 

"I think the one difference has been the last number of years, there's not Montana at the top," Hauck said. "When Joe (Glenn) was here and Mick (Dennehy), end of Don (Read)'s tenure and my seven years here, there was always Montana at the top and some challenger.

"I can speak to our time. In 2003 it was kinda Idaho State, 2004 it was the Bobcats. In 2005 it was Eastern Washington. In 2006, it was probably Eastern again. In 2007, there wasn't anybody. In 2008 it was Weber and 2009 there wasn't anybody challenging."

In the years Hauck's been away, he's been the head coach at UNLV and the special teams coordinator for San Diego State. 

He's learned a lot since then. 

"I'm just so proud of what we accomplished at both those places, though sometimes it's not always quantified on the scoreboard," Hauck said. "I come back here as a better coach than when I left."

At UNLV, Hauck pieced together a 15-49 record. He led the Rebels to a 7-6 record in 2013 to be bowl eligible for the first time since 2000 and for the fourth time in program history. 

After Hauck resigned, San Diego State's head coach Rocky Long brought him aboard as an assistant to lead the special teams unit. 

Hauck's special teams unit is ranked No. 18 in the country in kickoff return average and No. 27 in average punt return yardage. 

"I spent three years working under a legendary head coach in Rocky Long at San Diego State. As I talk about Rocky in the coming years, you'll all be engaged by his way," Hauck said. "He's a great guy to take some tutelage from."

Hauck later added: "I've got some new ideas because I was exposed to some system other than mine."

Those new ideas aren't changing Hauck's goals. His goals have been the same from the beginning.

"The four goals at this place are going to remain the same," Hauck said. "To get your degree, to win the rivalry game, to win the Big Sky championship and the national championship." 

" ... My expectation for us is to win championships here. We're going to do that. The only variable is time. I don't know how long it's going to take. I will have to get out on the field with our team to give you a more exact assessment of how long that's going to take. But, we're going to win championships here."

Amie Just covers Griz football for the Missoulian, among other things. Follow her on Twitter @Amie_Just or email her at Amie.Just@406mtsports.com.

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