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University of Montana head coach Bobby Hauck directs several players with the help of Jerry Louie-McGee (16) during warm-ups before the 5th practice of the year at Dornblaser Field in Missoula Sunday afternoon.

MISSOULA — When Bobby Hauck was hired to be Montana's next football coach in December, he vowed to be a positive example for the community and also to bring Montana football back to dominance. 

Hauck's first stint at Montana was chock full of victories and on-the-field success. But it's been nearly 10 years since the Big Timber product skippered the Grizzlies.

Camp entered its second week on Monday with an off day. But the team is slowly working at getting back to the "dominance" Montana fans were witness to in the 2000s. 

Montana hasn't won a Big Sky Championship since 2011, but that title was vacated. The last time Montana won a title the league recognizes was in 2009 — Hauck's last season with UM. 

Following are quotes Hauck offered about his football team both at the Big Sky Kickoff media event in July and through the first week of camp. The No. 24 Griz begin their season at home on Sept. 1 against No. 13 Northern Iowa.

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On "Return to Dominance" slogan:

"The goal at Montana is to win championships. Period."

On his coaching philosophy:

"To summarize in a brief answer, my coaching philosophy is to develop four core values: Toughness, discipline, work ethic and character. Everything else takes care of itself."

On his coaching staff:

"You have to have cohesion. In order to have cohesion, people have to check their egos at the door. We have to work together to achieve. If you do that, then you're going to have a good coaching staff. We're going to do that. We're on our way. We're enjoying each other's company and expertise and it's been a lot of fun."

On offensive coordinator Timm Rosenbach: "He's a real bright guy. He has a good way with the players. He knows football in and out. He grew up in a football household. His dad coached here, among other places. His own experience has been great. And the familiarity of working together. I knew that was going to be a good match. I'm just pleased he agreed to give up a head coaching job to come join us."

On what he likes about his players, so far:

"The attitude is what I like. They're receptive to what we've been pushing. That's what gives us a chance. We don't have to completely re-start because everybody's been receptive. Otherwise you have to start all over, play all young guys. That's not ever productive."

On the senior class and them having three different head coaches:

"It's a small class. There aren't very many of them. I think that's common in that situation. They're quality guys. Frankly, I have a lot of respect for our seniors because they've been so receptive and willing to listen and do what we're asking them to do. 

"It's a difficult thing. These guys put a lot into this. It's pretty encompassing to their days, weeks and years. That's hard on them."

On Idaho being back in the league:

"I think it's great. I think it makes the league much more competitive. I picked them No. 1. They've been recruiting to an FBS-level program for the last however many years. I think they're going to be really good and be a real challenge to anybody in this league to try to beat them."

On redshirts and the new redshirt rule:

On redshirts: "Right now we don't have any thought on that. None of them are redshirting at this point. They get a chance to compete like everybody else. Obviously they start behind. It's just their situation with the other guys haven't had spring ball and such. But nobody's redshirting at this point."

On the redshirt rule: "We'll see how that plays out. I'm not sure how that's going to work. I've got some thoughts on it. As for any new, sorta drastic rule change we all figure that out after we go through a cycle."

On camp:

On Day 1: "We spent some time diagnosing what we thought would be the exact, appropriate amount of plays, practices, periods to work before the first game. That being said, we need every minute. It's going to be urgent. We just need to get ready to get to work and get ready for September."

On Day 5: "It's an evolution. We have to come to work every day. We have to improve every day. We don't want to be out here trying to survive. We want to be out here trying to improve and the days that we don't have as good of day, we're kind of in survival mode and the days we have better days, everybody's trying to improve."

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