Live coverage from Hillsboro Stadium as the No. 8 Grizzlies take on the Portland State Vikings on Nov. 2, 2019, in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Montana quarterback Dalton Sneed goes through pregame warmups with his right ankle taped up. Backup Cam Humphrey started in place of Sneed on Oct. 26 with Sneed sidelined following an apparent right ankle injury on Oct. 19.

Portland State wins the toss and defers. Montana will receive the opening kickoff.

First quarter

Humphrey starting at QB for Montana against Portland State in place of Sneed for the second consecutive week. Montana goes three-and-out on its first possession, gaining just three yards on two runs and a pass. Malik Flowers had returned the opening kickoff to the UM 38-yard line. Adam Wilson shanks the punt, and PSU takes over at its own 45-yard line.

Montana LB Jace Lewis breaks into the backfield untouched and lays a big hit on Davis Alexander, who misfires his pass. Portland State goes three-and-out and punts. Griz take over at their own 11-yard line. 12:15 left in the quarter.

Cam Humphrey scrambles for the first, first down of the game, 12 yards. Running back Marcus Knight with a nice block at the second level. Montana true freshman RB Nick Ostmo, a Portland native, gets a good-sized cheer from the crowd after he touches the ball for the first time, a 7-yard run for a first down. One play after Humphrey's deep throw to Samori Toure is incomplete, Knight bounces right, gets the edge and runs down the sideline for a 45-yard touchdown. Brandon Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 7, Portland State 0, with 9:54 left in the first quarter. 7 plays, 89 yards in 2:21.

Portland State is forced to take its first timeout facing a third-and-8 at its own 24-yard line. Pressure from Jesse Sims and Dante Olson forces a poor throw from Davis Alexander on the run. Griz force a punt for the second consecutive drive. Jerry Louie-McGee flips the field, returning the Portland State punt 53 yards to the Vikings' 25-yard line, but offsetting personal foul penalties force them to re-do the punt, and the Vikings punt the ball out of bounds. Griz start at their own 45-yard line.

Humphrey scrambles and lowers his shoulder for a 7-yard gain and then hits Samori Toure over the middle for 14 yards. He takes a shot to Toure in the end zone, and Portland State is called for pass interference, moving the ball to the PSU 7-yard line. Humphrey is sacked for the first time today, a 10-yard loss to the 17-yard line. He overthrows Toure in the end zone in double coverage on third down. Purdy 35-yard field goal is no good, wide right. 4:43 left in the quarter.

Lewis sacks Alexander on third down. He's called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Questionable penalty call. PSU first down at the UM 41-yard line. Montana's Patrick O'Connell sacks Davis Alexander on third down. PSU will punt from UM's 45-yard line. Louie-McGee can't cleanly field the punt, and Portland State's Emmanuel Daigbe recovers the ball at the Montana 9-yard line.

End first quarter: Montana 7, Portland State 0

Second quarter

Alexander runs for a 6-yard TD on the first play of the quarter. Safety Josh Sandry had a chance at a TFL, but Alexander side-stepped him. Cody Williams PAT good. SCORE: Montana 7, Portland State 7, 14:56 left in the half. 2 plays, 9 yards in 0:35.

Humphrey connects with Sammy Akem for 17 yards to the Montana 49-yard line. Akem is down on the field after the play. He jogs off clapping his hands and appears to be OK. Knight and Ostmo continue to pick up yard son the ground to move the ball.  Montana goes for it on fourth-and-2 from the 19-yard line, and Knight is ruled short of the first down upon measurement. Portland State takes over at its own 18-yard line. 11:46 left in the first half.

True freshman Cole Grossman gets pressure on Alexander, but the PSU QB lofts a 19-yard pass to Beau Kelly to start the drive. Portland State's third-down pass is ruled incomplete on the field as the receiver lands out of bounds. It's reviewed and is confirmed. Griz force a punt for the fourth time in five drives. 9:40 left in the half.

Humphrey is sacked for the second time today, this time by Shawn Richard as the Griz start the drive at their own 16-yard line. Humphrey hits Toure on the sideline for 17 yards to the UM 32-yard line on third down. Humphrey goes back to Toure, this time on the right sideline. It's a 20-yard gain to the PSU 45-yard line. Humphrey to Toure again. This time, Toure breaks a pair of tackle attempts and glides to the end zone for a 41-yard TD on third-and-6. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 14, Portland State 7, with 5:22 left in the half. 9 plays, 84 yards in 4:18.

Alexander takes a deep shot, and Sandry is called for pass interference. Alexander scrambles to a wide open middle of the field for 12 yards and a first down at the Montana 43-yard line. Alexander avoids a shoestring tackle attempt by Dante Olson, runs 27 yards to the UM 16-yard line. PSU dead-ball penalty moves the ball to the 31-yard line. Alexander is banged up and walks off the field. Freshman Jalen Chatman comes in at QB for one play before Alexander returns. PSU kicker Cody Williams has just enough leg for a 47-yard field goal. SCORE: Montana 14, Portland State 10, with 1:42 left in the half. 10 plays, 46 yards in 3:40.

Humphrey is stripped of the ball by Richard on third down. Portland State's Dylan Hanley recovers at the Griz 40-yard line. 0:52 left in the half. Alexander gets time in the pocket, steps up and fires to a wide-open Mataio Talalemotu in the end zone for a 40-yard score. Williams PAT good. SCORE: Portland State 17, Montana 14 with 0:19 left in the half. 3 plays, 40 yards in 0:33.

End first half: Portland State 17, Montana 14

Third quarter

Montana LB Jace Lewis comes up with his second sack of the game to force a third down on Portland State's first drive of the second half. Montana CB Dareon Nash makes a diving, one-handed PBU on third down. He's down for about a minute and walks off the field on his own.

Knight with some nice moves through traffic for a first down. Portland State called for a penalty while trying to tackle him. Griz are already at their own 43-yard line. Humphrey launches a deep ball to Toure in stride for a 42-yard touchdown. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 21, Portland State 17, with 11:19 left in the quarter. 4 plays, 84 yards in 1:26.

Montana called for pass interference, and Portland State gets an automatic first down at its own 31-yard line. Montana's pressure forces Alexander out of the pocket, and he lofts a deep pass incomplete on third down, bringing up a punt. Louie-McGee returns the punt 34 yards to the 50-yard line.

Toure catches his third TD pass today, this one a 6-yard grab in the back, right corner of the end zone. The Portland native had three total TD catches through eight games. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 28, Portland State 17, with 7:01 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 50 yards in 3:29.

Olson bats down a pass near the line of scrimmage on third down, forcing a punt. Humphrey is sacked for the fifth time today, and Montana will punt from the back of its end zone. Only the second punt for UM today. Redshirt freshman Nash Fouch with an open-field, shoestring tackle on the return. PSU ball at the 50-yard line.

Portland State gets down to Montana's 13-yard line after a 19-yard pass to Emmanuel Daigbe, who broke one tackle and required two guys to bring him down. Two plays later, Alexander finds Davis Koetter wide open in the end zone for a 9-yard score. PSU goes for 2, and Alexander gets sacked. SCORE: Montana 28, Portland State 23, 0:28 left in the quarter. 7 plays, 50 yards in 2:52.

End third quarter: Montana 28, Portland State 23

Fourth quarter

Humphrey hits a wide-open Akem over the middle, and Akem is off to the races for a 76-yard touchdown on the first play of the fourth quarter. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 35, Portland State 23, with 14:50 to play. 2 plays, 75 yards in 0:38.

Dareon Nash tries to high-point a nicely placed ball from Davis Alexander, but it's just over his fingertips and caught by Mataio Talalemotu for 25 yards. Sandry breaks up a third-down pass intended for Charlie Taumoepeau that would've had enough yardage for a first down. Montana stuffs the fourth-down run and will take over at its own 33-yard line with 11:39 to play.

After a Griz punt, UM redshirt freshman defensive lineman Alex Gubner comes up with his third interception of the season. No one else on the team has more than one. Brandon Purdy hits a 34-yard field goal. SCORE: Montana 38, Portland State 23, 4:05 to play. 7 plays, 14 yards in 3:53.

Alexander continues to scramble out of the pocket as the Griz get after him. He launches a deep ball into double coverage, and Nash collects his second INT of the season. 1:12 to play.

Final: Montana 38, Portland State 23

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