Montana Eastern Washington pregame

Montana quarterback Cam Humphrey and running back Marcus Knight warm up prior to the Grizzlies' game against the Eagles on Saturday at Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

Live coverage from Washington-Grizzly Stadium as the 10th-ranked Montana Grizzlies host unranked Eastern Washington on Oct. 26, 2019.


Montana starting quarterback Dalton Sneed wasn't spotted on the field during pregame warmups. He had suffered an apparent right ankle injury in the Grizzlies' most recent game and was called "doubtful" by head coach Bobby Hauck earlier in the week.

Backup quarterback Cam Humphrey took the first-team reps during pregame warmups. It would be his first start for the Griz if he does end up starting.

True freshman Cole Grossman warmed up wearing jersey No. 98 and is listed as a tight end on the roster. Grossman had practiced in the spring and fall at the hybrid DL/LB spot and played one game earlier this season.

Eastern Washington wins the coin toss and defers. Montana will receive the opening kickoff. Sneed was on the field for the coin toss, wearing a walking boot and on crutches.

First quarter

After a handoff and swing pass for a first down, Cam Humphrey avoids a sack and scrambles for 5 yards. First third-down play for Cam Humphrey, and he hits Sammy Akem for 7 yards for a first down at the UM 45-yard line. Humphrey avoids pressure, bounces off tight end Bryson Deming, rolls right, throws on the run and hits Samori Toure on the sideline for 8 yards and a first down. Humphrey sacked for the first time today. Tysen Prunty gets him for a loss of 5 yards back to the EWU 21-yard line. Humphrey's third-down pass comes under pressure, and the pass to Akem over the middle is broken up as Humphrey is hit hard. Brandon Purdy converts a 35-yard field goal. SCORE: Montana 3, Eastern Washington 0, with 7:46 left in the quarter. 16 plays, 61 yards in 7:14.

EWU QB Eric Barriere fits a third-down pass right over the outstretched arm of CB Dareon Nash for a 32-yard pass to Andrew Boston down to the UM 43-yard line. EWU goes for it on fourth-and-2 at the UM 35-yard line, and Barriere's pass to Champ Grayson over the middle is dropped with linebacker Dante Olson on Grayson's hip. Montana takes over at its own 35-yard line. 5:50 left in the quarter.

Humphrey's third-down pass to Nick Ostmo out of the backfield is dropped. Ostmo may have been able to run for a first down if he caught it. Griz punt for the first time. EWU will start at its own 17-yard line. 3:17 left in the quarter.

Barriere throws on the run to Corvallis native Jayce Gilder for 16 yards. That one looked like it could have picked off by Bigfork's Josh Sandry, but it was just out his outstretched arm. Eastern Washington picks up just 1 yard on its next three plays and punts the ball. Jerry Louie-McGee with a rare muffed punt off his fingertips, but he picks it up. Griz will start at their own 7-yard line. 2:05 left in the quarter.

Humphrey hits Toure for 12 yards on first down to get some breathing room from the end zone. Humphrey pulls the ball down on third-and-4 and runs for 7 yards and a first down to Montana's 32-yard line.

End first quarter: Montana 3, Eastern Washington 0

Second quarter

After an offside penalty on EWU on the first play of the second quarter, Cam Humphrey's first deep shot goes to Samori Toure, and Eastern Washington's Darreon Moore is called for pass interference. Humphrey scrambles to his left on third-and-9 and runs for 11 yards and a first down to EWU's 36-yard line. Another offside penalty on EWU moves the ball to the 21-yard line. Montana lines up to go for it on fourth-and-3 at the EWU 19-yard line, and the Griz end up calling a timeout. Griz do go for it on fourth down, and true freshman TE Joey Elwell drops the short pass. 11:07 left in the half.

Barriere converts a third-and-8, throwing for 15 yards to the UM 48-yard line. Eastern Washington gets on the board with a 36-yard catch-and-run touchdown from Barriere to Andrew Boston against true freshman CB Corbin Walker. Seth Harrison PAT good. SCORE: Eastern Washington 7, Montana 3, with 8:54 left in the first half. 7 plays, 81 yards in 2:13.

Cam Humphrey is hit hard on second down. The Griz go three-and-out and punt the ball. Eastern Washington will start at its own 28-yard line after a huge hit by Garrett Graves on returner Calin Criner. EWU's Talolo Limu-Jones takes a short pass and runs 62 yards down the left sideline to the Montana 5-yard line. Tamarick Pierce runs for a 5-yard touchdown on the next play. Harrison PAT good. SCORE: Eastern Washington 14, Montana 3, with 6:29 left in the first half. 3 plays, 71 yards in 0:53.

On third-and-7, Cam Humphrey hits RB Marcus Knight in the flat, and Knight runs down the left sideline for 37 yards to the EWU 25-yard line. Knight runs for a 4-yard touchdown. He and Nick Ostmo showed some punishing running on that drive. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Eastern Washington 14, Montana 10, with 3:54 left in the first half. 7 plays, 65 yards in 2:27.

Montana safety Robby Hauck with a blindside sack of Barriere. Grad transfer Ryder Rice gets pressure on Barriere, forces him to roll right and Barriere throw a low pass to no one. EWU punts, and Montana will take over at its own 26-yard line. 2:08 left in the half.

Montana runs three times, gets just 9 yards and punts. EWU ball at its own 5-yard line with 0:47 left in the first half. Eastern Washington runs the ball to drain the clock.

End first half: Eastern Washington 14, Montana 10.

Third quarter

Montana forces a three-and-out and a punt. Griz will start at their own 29-yard line. Montana goes three-and-out itself. Humphrey overthrows a wide-open Knight out of the backfield on third down.

EWU picks up a first down on third-and-11 on a short pass over the middle to Antoine Custer, who runs for 14 yards. EWU goes for it on fourth-and-inches at its own 42-yard line. Antoine Custer bounces out left for a first down to the UM 48-yard line. Pierce adds a 30-yard run on the next play.

Montana holds Eastern Washington to a 35-yard field goal by Harrison. SCORE: Eastern Washington 17, Montana 10, with 8:56 left in the third quarter. 12 plays, 63 yards in 4:23.

On third-and-1, Knight makes a cut, runs up the middle for a 45-yard touchdown. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 17, Eastern Washington 17, with 7:18 left in the quarter. 5 plays, 64 yards in 1:32.

Jesse Sims deflects Eric Barriere's pass. Barriere catches it, and Braydon Deming drops him for a loss of 17 yards to the EWU 17-yard line. EWU punts for just 17 yards, and Montana takes over at the EWU 46-yard line. 4:37 left in the quarter.

On fourth-and-7 at the EWU 29-yard line, Purdy nails a 46-yard field goal. SCORE: Montana 20, Eastern Washington 17, with 2:32 left in the quarter. 5 plays, 17 yards in 2:05.

Montana redshirt freshman DL Alex Gubner, who already has 2 INTs, bats down as pass at the line. Montana true freshman DL Jacob McGourin sacks Barriere on third down to force a sack. McGourin is a native of Cheney, Washington, the home of EWU.

Knight with the second effort after getting hit to pick up 4 yards and the first down to the EWU 34-yard line.

End third quarter: Montana 20, Eastern Washington 17

Knight runs in for a touchdown from 9 yards out, hurdling past a defender in the front, right corner of the end zone. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 27, Eastern Washington 17, with 14:04 to play. 6 plays, 46 yards in 2:00.

Eastern Washington fumbles the ensuing kickoff, and Montana's Malik Flowers recovers the ball at the EWU 23-yard line. Humphrey hits Akem for 18 yards to the 5-yard line. Humphrey throws to Akem for a 6-yard touchdown pass. It's the first TD pass today by Humphrey. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 34, Eastern Washington 17, with 12:02 to play. 5 plays, 23 yards in 2:01.

Montana senior Jesse Sims sacks Barriere on third-and-10 to force a three-and-out and punt. First sack this season for Sims. Griz start at the EWU 49-yard line with 10:31 to play.

Knight runs for what looks like a nice gain but fumbles the ball on the play. Jack Sendelbach forces the fumble, Rudolph Mataia recovers it. EWU takes over at its own 38-yard line.

EWU's Talolo Limu-Jones bobbles and drops a third-down pass as Gavin Robertson makes a big hit over the middle. Three-and-out and punt by EWU. Montana takes over at its own 23-yard line.

Montana moves the ball before punting. Barriere connects with Johnny Edwards for 30 yards to the 50-yard line. McGourin, the Cheney native, comes up with another play against EWU, knocking down a pass at the line. Edwards drops a TD in the end zone on fourth-and-2. Montana takes over at its own 14-yard line leading 34-17 with 2:29 to play.

Montana runs out the clock.

Final: Montana 34, Eastern Washington 17

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