Montana Idaho State pregame

Montana's offensive linemen warm up prior to the Grizzlies' homecoming game against Idaho Stater on Saturday at Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Missoula.

Live coverage from Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the Grizzlies 100th homecoming where the No. 8 Montana Grizzlies are hosting Idaho State Oct. 5, 2019.

Montana defensive ends Braydon Deming and Joe Babros go through pregame warmups. Neither of them played last week after getting banged up in recent games.

Idaho State wins the coin toss, defers to the second half. Montana will receive the opening kickoff.

First quarter

Idaho State sends the opening kickoff out of bounds, and Montana starts at its own 35-yard line. Dalton Sneed just overshoots Samori Toure in the middle of the end zone between two defenders from about 45 yards out. After a pass to Sulser is batted down and a pass to Marcus Knight is overthrown, Montana punts from its own 40-yard line. Long snapper Matthew O'Donoghue downs the ball at the 2-yard line.

Josh Sandry face guards Mitch Gueller and breaks up a pass with his back down the left sideline. Idaho State wide receiver Mikey Dean catches a short pass and runs for 71 yards to the Montana 12-yard line. A late hit out of bounds moves the ball to the 6-yard line. Three plays later, Idaho State running back Ty Flanagan runs for a 1-yard touchdown, his first rushing TD of the season. Kevin Ryan PAT good. SCORE: Idaho State 7, Montana 0, 9:36 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 98 yards in 3:20.

Montana starts with a 17-yard pass to Knight. The Griz get down to the Idaho State 39-yard line. Sneed aims a third-and-5 pass to his right, and it whistles between Jerry Louie-McGee and Sammy Akem, who look at each other like the pass was for the other. Montana punts for the second consecutive drive.

Idaho State moving the ball with tempo and quick passes. Bengals now mix in some runs up the middle and are down to the UM 17. Ryan from drills a 35-yard field goal as Montana's defense holds the Bengals after being gashed and on their heels. SCORE: Idaho State 10, Montana 0, 1:52 left in the quarter. 12 plays, 63 yards in 5:13.

Sneed, under center, hands off to Marcus Knight, who is stopped short on third-and-1 at the UM 46. Griz punt for third consecutive drive.

End first quarter: Idaho State 10, Montana 0

Second quarter

Flanagan rips off a 71-yard touchdown run down the left sideline. Missed tackles by Robby Hauck, Gavin Robertson and Justin Calhoun, who all lunged at Flanagan instead of wrapping up. Ryan PAT good. SCORE: Idaho State 17, Montana 0, 14:17 left in the first half. 3 plays, 86 yards in 0:50.

Idaho State puts two kickoffs out of bounds as the Griz force re-kicks. On the third one, Malik Flowers runs out the ball tot he 32-yard line. A Sneed 18-yard pass to Akem is the longest play of the day for the Griz. Idaho State gets called for hit to the head. Montana has a first-and-10 at the ISU 13-yard line. Knight caps the drive with a 4-yard TD on third-and-1. That's his sixth rushing score of the year, tops in the Big Sky. Brandon Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Idaho State 17, Montana 7, 11:48 left in the first half. 9 plays, 68 yards in 2:20.

Montana safety Robby Hauck comes on what looked like a delayed blitz and clotheslines Idaho State QB Matt Struck. Montana forces Idaho State to punt for the first time after giving up TD-FG-TD. Griz will start at their own 24-yard line.

Sneed and Akem are finding a rhythm with passes for 27 and 11 yards. A 22-yard pass to tight end Bryson Deming gets Montana to the Idaho State 14-yard line. Sneed has Akem open in the end zone, but linebacker Kody Graves breaks up the pass. One play after Idaho State is called for pass interference in the end zone, Knight runs in a 2-yard touchdown. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Idaho State 17, Montana 14, 6:37 left in the half. 8 plays, 76 yards in 2:37.

Montana forces a three-and-out for the first time today. Idaho State punts for the second consecutive drive. Louie-McGee returns the ball 15 yards, and a late hit by ISU punter Kevin Ryan will put the Griz at the Bengals' 43-yard line. 5:03 left in the first half.

Sneed runs for 12 yards. A late hit by Idaho State moves the ball to the ISU 18-yard line. 7 penalties for 71 yards for ISU. Akem drops a TD pass over the middle in the end zone as Sneed's laser pass goes right through his hands. Griz settle for a 35-yard field goal by Brandon Purdy, and we've got a tie game. SCORE: Montana 17, Idaho State 17, 2:59 left in the first half. 6 plays, 25 yards in 2:04.

Montana forces a second consecutive three-and-out and a third straight punt. Poor punt by Idaho State goes for just 20 yards, and Montana will take over at the ISU 47-yard line. Sneed continues to go to Akem, who picks up gains of 11 and 13 yards. On first-and-goal at the 2, Knight bounces out left for a touchdown. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 24, Idaho State 17, with 0:13 left in the first half. 9 plays, 47 yards in 2:02.

End second quarter: Montana 24, Idaho State 17

Third quarter

Montana forces an Idaho State punt to start the second half, Marcus Welnel nearly blocks the punt and the Griz take over at their own 27-yard line. Montana goes three-and-out on its first drive as Idaho State gets pressure. Sneed's second-down pass is batted down at the line, and he's sacked on third down. Idaho State's Mike Dean returns a punt 15 yards to the 50-yard line, the Bengals' best starting field position.

Montana cornerback Dareon Nash is called for pass interference on a shot down the right sideline while guarding Mitch Gueller. ISU to the UM 35. Hauck is called for a pass interference. Idaho State first-and-goal at the 10-yard line. Montana sophomore Patrick O'Connell with pressure of the edge untouched and trips up Struck for a loss of 9 yards. Montana holds Idaho State to a 30-yard field goal by Kevin Ryan. SCORE: Montana 24, Idaho State 20, with 7:39 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 38 yards in 3:53.

Sneed nearly makes a deep one-handed snag on a pass from Gabe Sulser. One play later, Sneed hits Akem for a 25-yard touchdown down the right sideline. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 31, Idaho State 20, 6:42 left in the third quarter. 5 plays, 68 yards in 0:51.

Montana holds again and forces a punt. Montana goes three-and-out and is going to punt. But Idaho State's Anthony Parker is called for unsportsmanlike conduct after tackling Sneed, giving the Griz 15 yards and an automatic first down. Toure makes a nice run after the catch, picking up 40 yards. Then Knight runs for 15 yards to the ISU 11-yard line. Sneed scrambles, fires a strike to Toure for an 8-yard touchdown. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 38, Idaho State 20, 2:14 left in the quarter. 7 plays, 81 yards in 2:47.

End third quarter: Montana 38, Idaho State 20

Fourth quarter

Montana forces Idaho State to punt for the sixth time in the last eight drives, and the Griz take over at their own 1-yard line. Sneed takes a deep shot down the right sideline, and Toure makes a diving catch despite being grabbed. 44 yards to the 2-yard line. Sneed goes airborne on a run to the left to hurl a defender and lands in the end zone for a 2-yard TD run. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 45, Idaho State 20, with 11:51 left in the game. 8 plays, 99 yards in 2:56.

Montana forces a third consecutive punt by Idaho State, its seventh in its last nine drives. 9:51 left in the game. Toure with a ridiculous grab down the left sideline for 37 yards to the Idaho State 11-yard line. Great placement on the pass from Sneed. Sneed keeps the ball and powers ahead for a 1-yard touchdown run. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 52, Idaho State 20, with 7:42 to play. 6 plays, 62 yards in 2:09.

After forcing an Idaho State punt, Montana puts in its backups on offense. Third-string running back Adam Eastwood breaks off a 51-yard touchdown run. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 59, Idaho State 20, with 5:27 to play. 3 plays, 60 yards in 1:03.

Final: Montana 59, Idaho State 20

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