Montana Idaho pregame

Washington-Grizzly Stadium prior to Montana's home game against Idaho on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019.

Live coverage from Washington-Grizzly Stadium on Nov. 9, 2019 as the sixth-ranked Montana Grizzlies host Idaho for the first time since 2003.


Montana quarterback Dalton Sneed goes through pregame warmups for the second consecutive week. He's missed the past two games with an apparent right ankle injury. Cam Humphrey started in place of Sneed both weeks.

Idaho wins the coin toss and will receive the opening kickoff.

First quarter

Montana gives up a 14-yard run to Aundre Carter and an 18-pass to Cutrell Haywood on the first two plays but buckles down and forces Idaho to punt from the UM 39-yard line.

Humphrey gets his third consecutive start. He throws the first pick of his Griz career (112 pass attempts) on his first pass of the day. The pass is intended for Jerry Louie-McGee but is intercepted by Christian Nash at the UM 29-yard line.

Petrino appears to have his knee down before he throws away a pass but is called for intentional grounding, and the ball moves back to the UM 21-yard line. The Vandals convert the interception into a 30-yard field goal by Cade Coffey. He was 7-of-14 on the year coming into the game. SCORE: Idaho 3, Montana 0, 9:17 left in the quarter. 6 plays, 16 yards in 2:46.

Montana goes for it on fourth-and-1 at the Idaho 39-yard line, and Marcus Knight, who's gotten stood up by the D-line early today, gets 2 yards. Montana goes for it again on fourth down, this time fourth-and-2 at the Idaho 30-yard line, and Humphrey throws to Sammy Akem for 8 yards. At the 4-yard line, Knight tries to spin past a tackler, Idaho's Tyrese Dedmon forces a fumble and Idaho's Sedrick Thomas recovers the ball.

Idaho RB Nick Romano streaks down the sideline with REB Patrick O'Connell in coverage, and Romano drops the ball with open field ahead of him. Vandals punt, and Jerry Louie-McGee flips the field with a 39-yard punt return to the Idaho 38-yard line.

Humphrey throws a floater on the run to his left to Akem in double coverage, and Tyrese Dedmon picks off the pass at the Idaho 6-yard line. Second time Humphrey has been picked off in 10 passes today.

End first quarter: Idaho 3, Montana 0

Second quarter

Petrino connects with Jeff Cotton for 38 yards to the Montana 43-yard line. He may have fumbled, but he's ruled down. Akem exits the field through the tunnel to the locker room. He may have gotten banged up on the pass intended to him in double coverage that was picked off. Petrino throws to wide-open TE Connor Whitney for a 12-yard TD on the play-action pass. Coffey PAT good. SCORE: Idaho 10, Montana 0, 11:04 left in the first half. 10 plays, 97 yards in 4:41.

Sneed comes in at quarterback for Montana. It's his first game action since Oct. 19 at Sacramento State, when he got injured. Sneed throws slightly high to Nick Ostmo, but the true freshman makes the catch in stride and runs 16 yards to convert the third down. Sneed, who was nearly picked off on his first pass, follows up with a back-shoulder throw to Mitch Roberts for 26 yards. Ostmo caps the drive with a 7-yard TD run, his first career rushing score. He caught a TD vs North Alabama. Brandon Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Idaho 10, Montana 7, 8:27 left in the first half. 7 plays, 80 yards in 2:37.

Griz cornerback Dareon Nash nearly has a 40-yard pick-6 but ends up with a PBU. Looks like he saw the pass coming. Carter runs for 9 yards on a third-and-9 for the first down, but Montana holds on the next set of downs and forces a punt. Montana takes over at its own 10-yard line.

Sneed returns for a second series. Knight hasn't had a carry since fumbling the ball on the second drive. Montana goes three-and-out with a pair of Sneed incompletions. Griz punt, and Idaho takes over at its own 42-yard line.

Petrino reverses field, avoids tacklers and runs for 14 yards to the 50-yard line. Jesse Sims levels him near the sideline but is called for a late hit, but Petrino was still inbounds on the replay. Braydon Deming comes up with a sack after good pressure from Eli Alford to force a third-and-19.Coffey shanks a punt, and Montana takes over at its own 25-yard line 

Sneed takes a shot on first down to Samori Toure down the right sideline, and Toure makes a 31-yard one-handed catch with a defender in tight coverage. Sneed connects with Toure over the middle for a 44-yard TD pass on a post route. Toure was wide open with MLB Tre Walker appearing confused in coverage. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 14, Idaho 10, with 1:20 left int he half. 3 plays, 75 yards in 0:29.

Griz redshirt freshman safety Nash Fouch, in for starter Gavin Robertson, breaks up a deep shot to Jeff Cotton down the left side. Olson blitzes and gets through untouched, to sack Mason Petrino for a loss of 14 yards on the last play of the half.

End second quarter: Montana 14, Idaho 10

Third quarter

Knight is back in for the first time since his fumble in the red zone on the second drive. Sneed throws to him on the first play, and Knight picks up 6 yards. Griz go three-and-out and punt away the ball.

Petrino continues to show good scrambling ability, gaining 21 yards to the Montana 46-yard line. Idaho punts on fourth-and-4 from the Montana 40-yard line. Griz takes over at their own 9-yard line leading 14-10 just three minutes into the second half. The Vandals haven't had a drive over 30 yards since their 97-yard drive that put them up 10-0.

Sneed takes a hard hit in the end zone as he unleashes a pass to true freshman Keelan White, which is incomplete. Idaho safety Tyrese Dedmon is called for his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and is disqualified. Sneed throws two incomplete passes deep down each sideline, one intended for Toure and one toward Louie-McGee, before he gets sacked on third down. The Griz punt, and Idaho takes over at its own 32-yard line.

On third-and-7, redshirt freshman defensive lineman Milton Mamula strip-sacks Petrino on the blitz, and O'Connell recovers the ball at the Idaho 30-yard line. Sneed hits Ostmo for an 11-yard gain to the 5-yard line. Four plays later, Ostmo scores from 1 yard out. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 21, Idaho 10, with 5:44 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 30 yards in 3:06.

Montana LB Jace Lewis breaks up a pass by Petrino, and DE Joe Babros intercepts the ball, his first pick at UM. Griz take over at the Idaho 21-yard line. Sneed hits Mitch Roberts on third down, and Roberts bounces off a tackle attempt, runs for the first down to the 10-yard line. Knight scores on a 1-yard run three plays later. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 28, Idaho 10, 2:49 left in the quarter. 6 plays, 21 yards in 2:00.

Idaho's Nick Romano converts a third-and-1 with a second effort, and the Vandals are into Montana territory at the 48-yard line.

End third quarter: Montana 28, Idaho 10

Fourth quarter

Idaho converts a fourth-and-2 on a 3-yard pass to Kendall Logan on the opening play of the quarter. The play is reviewed, and stands. Petrino connects with Haywood for an 11-yard TD with CB Justin Calhoun in tight coverage in the front, right corner of the end zone. Coffey PAT good. SCORE: Montana 28, Idaho 17, 13:10 to play. 13 plays, 75 yards in 4:39.

Sneed spreads the ball around, and the Griz are into Idaho territory at the 19-yard line after a 26-yard catch and run by Knight. Trick play comes out as Sneed hands off to Knight, who throws back to Sneed, who finds TE Colin Bingham for 15 yards to the Idaho 4-yard line. Six consecutive Sneed completions this drive. Knight finds the end zone again, this time a 2-yard run, Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 35, Idaho 17, 10:09 to play. 7 plays, 75 yards in 3:01.

Jesse Sims forces a Petrino fumble, and Dante Olson recovers at the Idaho 42-yard line. 9:26 to play. Sneed gets hit after a pass, is down on the field briefly but jogs off, and Humphrey comes in to continue pushing the ball down field. Knight runs in from 2 yards out for the score. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Montana 42, Idaho 17,4:39 to play. 9 plays, 42 yards in 4:47.

Milton Mamula sacks Mason Petrino, and Nash Fouch picks off Petrino on the next play, running it back 39 yards to the Idaho 28-yard line.

Final: Montana 42, Idaho 17

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