Bobby Hauck

Bobby Hauck

The day after posting her petition telling the University of Montana not to hire Bobby Hauck, when it had gathered around 200 signatures, Lisa Davey sent an email to UM Athletic Director Kent Haslam.

“I just wanted to make sure... he understood there was concern about bringing Hauck back,” she said.

Haslam responded by telling Davey he wants to sustain an athletic department that focuses on “community, academics and athletics.” While he said winning football is important to him, he would not do it at all costs.

“I do feel there is room for people to improve, make changes, grow up and acknowledge mistakes and learn from those mistakes,” Haslam wrote.

Haslam told Davey if Hauck returns to UM, he would share the "very candid and upfront conversations'' about player conduct that the two men had during Hauck's interview.

“I feel strongly that he would need to address those right up front,” Haslam said, adding that UM has better policies and procedures in place for handling player conduct issues than in the past.

“But I can say there were hundreds of other student-athletes that competed at UM during the Bobby Hauck days that were excellent citizens, students, and football players,” he wrote.

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