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A petition that Missoula resident and long-time Grizzly football fan Lisa Davey started to try to convince the University of Montana not to hire Bobby Hauck as head football coach has sparked a personal and vulgar online attack that she feels "sounded to me like a threat of physical and possibly sexual violence."

A Missoula woman who put together an online petition telling the University of Montana not to hire Bobby Hauck as its head football coach became the subject of an online doxxing campaign on a Grizzlies fan website that included vile personal comments and publication of her home address.

The posts, on the Griz fan forum maroonblood.com, included a comment from AlphaGriz1 next to a photo of Lisa Davey that said, “Now seriously tell me this face hasn't (performed a sex act) for food a few times in her life?''

The post went on to disparage Davey's "receding hairline'' and "gigantic teeth,'' adding: "Not to mention the ‘man’ in her life check that dude out what a loser.”

When he first references Davey and her petition, AlphaGriz1 — who MaroonBlood owner Mike Schlosser of Butte says is him — wrote, “This bitch would be the first to go down hard.”

On Thursday, Schlosser said he didn’t know what he meant by that, then said he maybe meant that she should suffer on a professional level.

“Is it a little over the top? Maybe. Whatever, that’s what we do on message boards,” he said.

Davey said she took Schlosser’s reference to her needing to “go down hard” seriously.

“It sounded to me like a threat of physical and possibly sexual violence when taken in the context of the rest of the posts,” she said.

After Davey made UM Athletic Director Kent Haslam aware of the post, Haslam told her he asked a member of his administration to contact Schlosser and tell him to remove the thread, which disappeared Thursday afternoon.

"I am absolutely sick about this. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. 100 percent unacceptable," Haslam wrote in an email to Davey's boyfriend.

Haslam said Schlosser was told his behavior wouldn't be tolerated, and that if it continues, UM would revoke season tickets and tailgating permits.

"I am so sorry … my goodness we need to be more kind," Haslam wrote.


Davey said she’s a Griz football fan who has enjoyed watching and attending games for years. But earlier in the week, when she saw news stories that Hauck was being interviewed for UM’s head coaching job, she was “appalled.”

“I thought to myself, 'That’s absurd, the university would be foolish to do that,'” she said.

Davey said that while she enjoyed the winning streaks that came with the Hauck era at UM, she felt that more and more player conduct issues off-field came up as his tenure wore on, and she found it more difficult to justify being a fan of the team.

“As he was leaving was when we headed into the rape scandals. I firmly believe that was from a culture that he put in place while the coach,” Davey said. “Which isn’t fair to the players who were great in the system.”

She made a post on a personal social media page and, after seeing the responses from her friends, put together an online petition using Change.org telling UM not to rehire Hauck. By Thursday, the petition had roughly 350 signatures.

Davey said she saw posts Wednesday on Twitter from Griz fans seeking personal information about her to post online, a practice commonly referred to as “doxxing.” Then the posts on MaroonBlood, including her address, came to her attention.


According to domain registration information, MaroonBlood is owned by Schlosser. When contacted, Schlosser agreed that he ran the site and eventually said that he was also AlphaGriz1.

On MaroonBlood, along with links to Davey’s social media profiles, Schlosser included the message: “Well if its cool to trash a guy that did none of the crimes shes so worried about then I guess its fair game to go after her personal life as well. These people need to be taught a lesson and HARD.”

Schlosser posted Davey’s address on the forum, adding, “She blocked me on Twitter after posting her address. Hey if she likes making Hauck uncomfortable then fair is fair.”

On eGriz, a larger Griz fan forum, a poster writing about Davey’s petition referred to her as a “feminist nazi” and another floated the idea of starting a petition to have those who signed Davey's put in a “mental institution.”

But half a dozen other eGriz members wrote that while they don’t agree with Davey and her petition, posting her personal information crossed the line.

“I don’t agree with her petition at all, but a bunch of anonymous message board trolls doxxing and spamming her? No (expletive) thanks,” one wrote.


After the Missoulian reached out to Schlosser, AlphaGriz1’s post containing Davey’s address was removed from MaroonBlood. AlphaGriz1 still had a message posted on Twitter including Davey’s address on Thursday, along with the message “Wonder what coward lives here? You can block me but you can’t block all your personal information on social media, websites, Twitter and Facebook. Fair is fair! #DoxxParty2017" along with an unprintable hashtag. 

Schlosser said he didn’t want anything he said to appear in print; however, he continued to answer questions after being told he was being interviewed for a news story.

Schlosser said he did not like Hauck and didn't want to see him hired, but that if it were his decision, he would hire Hauck just to "spite" people like Davey.

He said Davey had been threatening him over text messages, but declined to provide her text messages, citing advice from an attorney friend with whom he said he'd spoken. Davey provided the Missoulian with the text string between herself and Schlosser.

In the exchange, Davey tells him to stop harassing and doxxing her, that she has reported the incident to the Missoula County Sheriff's Office, and that “they are looking into what charges I can file.” She tells Schlosser to cease and desist his activities.

Schlosser responds: “LOL (expletive) off your (sic) not the victim here. You are an idiot dont ever contact me again.”

Davey corrects his grammar before telling him to leave her alone.

Missoula County Undersheriff Rich Maricelli said Thursday that a detective took a report from Davey, and is continuing to investigate the case, but at this point he doesn't think the actions rise to the level of something that could be referred to the county attorney's office for prosecution.

Public records show that Schlosser has twice pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges over the past 10 years.

Schlosser pled guilty to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, in Butte in January 2015. In July 2007, he also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer. According to court documents in that case, Schlosser used threatening and abusive language, resisted arrest and refused to give his name. He was fined $740.


On Thursday, Schlosser said Davey’s petition was “bull----.”

“They’re just cowards and I hate it,” he said. “She’s not going to intimidate me and make me back down."

By Thursday afternoon, the entire MaroonBlood thread had been deleted.

Schlosser said he felt Davey was attacking Hauck’s personal life in her petition.

“Why did she post Bobby Hauck’s name with the rape capital of America?” he asked, referencing a photo Davey made to go with her petition that put Hauck’s name on the cover of the Jon Krakauer book, “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town.”

“That’s what her meaningless little life revolves around,” Schlosser said.

He said he’s been in touch with an attorney and will “take this as far as she wants to do with it,” but declined to provide specifics about what he meant.

He said his tactics and posts are equivalent to Davey putting together the petition, but said he has been “nicer.”

“They need to be put in the same position that they are putting other people in,” he said.

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