RMC football practice

Rocky Mountain College held its first football practice of the year Thursday at Herb Klindt Field. The Frontier Conference is encouraging student-athletes, school and league staff, and fans to become vaccinated against COVID-19.  

WHITEFISH — The Frontier Conference is putting an emphasis on vaccination to help combat COVID-19 as it prepares to return to full sports participation this fall.

In a press release issued Thursday, the Frontier said it will "strongly encourage the league’s student-athletes, staff and fans to become fully vaccinated" to help slow the ongoing pandemic and keep everyone safe.

As part of its return-to-play plan for the 2021-22 academic year, the Frontier said it is basing safety protocols on a per-institution basis.

The guidelines attempt to individualize rather than standardize as Frontier Conference members concentrate on identifying and treating the symptomatic student-athlete, ensuring the safety of those affected as well as their teammates, the release stated.

"We ask all fans to take every precaution in helping to make the competitive environment as safe as it can be so as to not put neither the home team or visitors in health danger," Frontier commissioner Kent Paulson said in the release. "We look forward to seeing all of our students and fans back in the stands as we return to athletic competitions in a healthy and safe environment."

"Our league’s health professionals, athletic trainers, athletic directors, with the support of our institutions’ chancellors and presidents, have drafted guidelines outlining the lingering issues of COVID-19 and the delta variant," Paulson added. "These guidelines were established to keep our coaches, student-athletes, staff and spectators safe as the Frontier returns to the field and floor of play in 2021-2022."

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