The wait is over for Montana's fleet of Frontier Conference schools.

The NAIA Council of Presidents Executives Committee unveiled the athletic organizations new plans for the fall athletic schedule, with August 14 as the NAIA's starting practice date for fall sports.

This is only if the two months prior goes smoothly, as the NAIA included the stipulation that at least half of fall sports-playing schools be cleared by local and state governments for athletic events.

Until August 14, no teams are allowed to practice, although the organization's release does mention that "conditioning" is allowed, as long as it does not include actual technical practice or training.

Carroll College athletic director Charlie Gross released a statement on the new schedule.

"We're very appreciative of the NAIA releasing this information well ahead of the originally proposed timeline," Gross said. "This gives conferences, institutions, athletic departments and programs ample time to revise and implement the best possible schedules."

All sports except for football will begin their season on September 5, so for volleyball programs like Carroll's or Montana Tech's, they will have three weeks of practice.

Football will start their season a week later to ensure that all participating teams get four weeks to practice before the season begins.

Also in the new plan is a shortened season, affecting all sports. The football season is now nine games, volleyball's season is now at 22 matches and cross-country is at seven meets. Both women's and men's soccer's season was cut to 14 games.

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