INDIANAPOLIS — Contrary to rumors, the National Federation of State High School Associations has not approved a shot clock for the 2021-22 high school basketball season.

The NFHS released a statement Wednesday shooting down "information circulating about the shot clock," the organization wrote. The NFHS did not specify which information it was refuting. There do not appear to be any reports about the implementation of a shot clock from any news outlet. A coach from Minnesota tweeted Tuesday that "the National Federation has adopted the shot clock" beginning in 2021-22, but he didn't cite any sources.

In its statement, the NFHS wrote that the approval process for all high school basketball rules changes for the 2021-22 season is still in progress. Those rules changes should be announced by the end of next week, the NFHS added.

Last May, the NFHS did not approve proposals to create a national rule mandating a shot clock or to allow state adoption for shot clocks.

Montana is one of 42 states that does not use a shot clock for high school basketball games. Many Montana coaches have been in favor of the shot clock for years, arguing it would create a more exciting pace and prevent teams from stalling.

The main barrier to implementation is expense. Also, the eight states that use shot clocks (California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Washington) have forfeited their seats on the NFHS' basketball rules committee because the NFHS has not approved the shot clock.


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