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MISSOULA — No one on either the Seeley-Swan or Lincoln roster will forget Jan. 6's game. 

Neither Lincoln nor Seeley's basketball coaches had seen anything quite like what happened on that Saturday. 

With 4:53 left on the clock, Lincoln trailed Seeley in the Lynx's home gym and Seeley's Keaton Johnson went to the line to shoot free throws.

Just as the ball left Johnson's hand for the first attempt, the lights flickered just enough to see that Johnson made the shot.

Before he had the chance to take his second attempt, the power went out again.

"And it stayed black," Lincoln coach Shane Brown said. 

Brown's first thought was that someone hit a power pole outside, but rather, a branch fell on a nearby power line and took out the transformers. 

While inside, everyone stood around in the dark trying to figure out what to do. Once they got word that power wouldn't be restored for up to three or four hours, both Brown and Seeley coach Mike Haines decided the game needed to be called. 

But the game's not over. 

When the two schools meet again on Feb. 3, they'll finish the Jan. 6 game before the JV matches and then square up for the rematch at the end of the night. 

"... If we don't actually finish a game to the final buzzer, it's almost a little bit of conceding and that's not really in our nature," Brown said. "We just figured, we'll go ahead and finish it. We know we're down by quite a bit but I like to have fate take its course and give us a chance."

Seeley and Lincoln will start just where they left off.

With 4:53 left on the clock, the score 66-48 and with Johnson at the foul line. 

"We have a free shot left and so Keaton gets to take his free shot and continue from there," Haines said. 

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