Florence celebrates

The Florence football team celebrates a big win over Anaconda Friday night.

FLORENCE — The Florence football team scored 34 points in a single quarter Friday en route to a 48-6 home win over Anaconda.

It was a dead silence before the game as the National Anthem was played. Parents, fans and coaches reminisced about where they were on the fateful day back in 2001.

For the players, who most likely weren’t born yet, it was business as usual on the field.

Johnny Chamberlain got the offense in motion with a 19-yard running touchdown for Florence about 7 minutes into the 1st quarter.

The Falcons kept moving the sticks and Pat Duchien found Blake Shoupe for a 33-yard reception to find the end zone with about 2 minutes left in the first half.

At the start of the second quarter, Luke Maki caught a 38-yard reception, putting the Falcons back into the red zone. Duchien passed it to Caden Zaluski for a 9-yard touchdown, putting the Falcons ahead by three scores.

After a recovered onside kick, the Falcons kept it in motion with a pass to Shoupe, a QB keeper from Duchien, another pass to Posey, and finally a running score from Chamberlain once again to put the Falcons up 27-0 against Anaconda.

Seven minutes into the second, Duchien once again passed to Maki for a 34-yard reception and found the end zone yet again, crushing the Copperheads 34-0 before the field lights even came on.

Just after the lights flickered on, Cadence Waller ran it into the end zone with 2:27 left in the half, putting the Falcons up 41-0.

Teagan Robins ran it back 95 yards after the Florence kickoff to put the Copperheads on the board right before the half. But they missed their PAT.

Florence answered right back with Posey running 89 yards on the kickoff.

The Falcons' defense not only held the Copperheads to six points in the first half, but also didn’t allow them to convert one single third-down conversion attempt.

It was a pretty quiet second half, with Florence bringing out its freshman quarterback, Ethan Alexander, and a lot of reserves.

However, the Falcons defense kept the Copperheads from scoring in the second half.

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