BILLINGS — Girls wrestling and boys powerlifting might become sanctioned Montana high school sports.

The Montana High School Association Executive Board will submit proposals to add girls wrestling and boys powerlifting, the MHSA announced Tuesday. The powerlifting proposal is meant to "balance out male and female sports offerings" with girls wrestling, MHSA executive director Mark Beckman wrote in summary of the MHSA Executive Board's regularly scheduled meeting on Monday.

These new sport proposals were among several topics addressed at Monday's meeting. The Board also approved realignment for multiple sports.

The MHSA approved the Westby-Grenora and Sheridan football programs to move up from 6-Man to 8-Man. Westby-Grenora will become the 12th team in the eastern district, which includes state champion Fairview, while Sheridan will be one of eight teams in the southern division.

6-Man will also increase from four to five divisions. The current setup features north, south, east and west divisions. Next year, six total teams from the north and south (Denton-Geyser-Stanford, Geraldine-Highwood, Grass Range-Winnett, Harlowton, Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap and Roy-Winifred) will form a central division.

The MHSA organizes football classifications on a two-year basis with these enrollment ranges: 130-plus students for 11-Man, 65-130 for 8-Man and 1-65 for 6-Man.

The B/C wrestling divisions will be cut in half. The classification currently has northern, southern, eastern and western divisions. Next year, only an east and a west will exist. Each division will include 23 teams.

In volleyball, the Northern C will shrink from three divisions to two. District 6 will scrap its eastern and western divisions and become one nine-team division. District 7 will also increase to nine. The season will feature 16 conference games and two days of tournaments, with the top-four teams advancing to divisionals.

Drummond and Philipsburg will move from District 12C to 13C in basketball, volleyball and track. Districts 11C and 12C will also form one district (11/12C) in those three sports.



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