Class AA football



First team: Ryan Lonergan, tight end, Bozeman; Andrew Siderius, tackle, Kalispell Flathead; Holden Sampson, Helena, tackle; Kobe Nelson, tackle, Billings West; Spencer Warren, tackle, Bozeman; Sebastian Koch, guard, Kalispell Flathead; Nico Young, guard, Kalispell Glacier; Conner Paul, guard, Billings West; Max Anderson, center, Kalispell Flathead; Justus Perkins, center, Bozeman; Anthony Jones, receiver, Kalispell Flathead; Jesse Owens, receiver, Billings West; Ryan Simpson, receiver, Bozeman; Junior Bergen, receiver, Billings Senior; McCade O'Reilly, fullback, Bozeman; Kris Brown, quarterback, Bozeman; Josh Erbacher, quarterback, Billings West; Blake Counts, running back, Kalispell Flathead; DeMarcus Carr, running back, Billings West; Jaden MacNeil, athlete, Kalispell Flathead; Rylan Ott, athlete, Missoula Sentinel; Blake Thelen, Great Falls, punter; Spencer Peppenger, kicker, Missoula Sentinel; Peyton Hogan, long snapper, Bozeman

Second team: Logan Siblerud, tight end, Kalispell Flathead; Fisher Richardson, tight end, Missoula Hellgate; Garrett Lally, tackle, Kalispell Glacier; Konor McClafferty, tackle, Butte; Tom Walkup, guard, Bozeman; Jaden Beinvenue, guard, Billings West; Carter Slade, center; Billings West; Brandon Caladonato, receiver, Missoula Hellgate; Drew Deck, receiver, Kalispell Glacier; Oran Nash-Bergen, receiver, Billings Senior; Brock Field, fullback, Missoula Sentinel; Cole Crosby, fullback, Kalispell Glacier; Blake Thelen, quarterback, Great Falls; Matthew Plasterer, quarterback, Billings Senior; Preston Blain, running back, Kalispell Glacier; Joe Olson, running back, Bozeman; Ty McGurran, athlete, Helena; Anthony Jones, punter, Kalispell Flathead; Everest Klein, kicker, Bozeman; Tyler Allen, long snapper, Missoula Sentinel

Honorable mention: Alex Johnson, tight end, Helena; Max Evenson, tight end, Billings Senior; Christian Unger, tackle, Missoula Big Sky; Patrick Hammond, tackle, Kalispell Flathead; Jacob Howell, tackle, Helena; Levi Malcom, tackle, Billings West; Sam Potoczny, tackle, Great Falls; Garrison Poetzl, tackle, Billings Senior; Cole Dalager, guard, Kalisepell Flathead; Sam Severson, guard, Missoula Sentinel; Brady Grisgby, guard, Helena; Lucas Kingston, guard, Helena; Brandyn Lackey, guard, Great Falls; Zach Winter, guard, Billings Senior; Brandon Spencer, center, Missoula Sentinel; Blake Nichols, center, Helena; Gage Felts, center, Billings Senior; Jace Dewalt, receiver, Missoula Sentinel; Jack Colyer, receiver, Missoula Sentinel; Zach Spiroff, receiver, Helena; Parker Johnston, receiver, Helena Capital; Ben Maehl, receiver, Missoula Big Sky; Lucas Gibb, receiver, Billings West; Chay Marsh, receiver, Billings West; Lucas Banderob, receiver, Great Falls; Quinn Sullivan, receiver, Butte; Kash Kelly, receiver, Butte; Kaelan Casey, fullback, Helena Capital; Rollie Worster, quarterback, Missoula Hellgate; Tommy Mellott, quarterback, Butte; Elias Dewaters, running back, Missoula Sentinel; Grady Koenig, running back, Helena; Gabe Longin, running back, Great Falls; Kameron Moreno, running back, Butte; Cade Nelson, running back, Billings West; Gunner Hegg, running back, Billings Senior; Cole Crosby, punter, Kalispell Glacier; Eric Gardner, kicker, Kalispell Flathead; Jim Sielestad, kicker, Missoula Big Sky; Brian Buschini, kicker, Helena Capital; Trevyn Roth, kicker, Butte; Holden Sampson, long snapper, Helena; Seth Moon, long snapper, Kalispell Flathead; Quinn Sullivan, long snapper, Butte

MVP: Blake Counts, Kalispell Flathead; Jesse Owens, Billings West


First team: Tanner Russell, end, Kalispell Flathead; Ethan Baines, end, Kalispell Glacier; Kenneth Eiden IV, end, Bozeman; Patrick Hammond, defensive line, Kalispell Flathead; Nick Konesky, defensive line, Great Falls CMR; Conner Paul, end, Billings West; Hugh Edward, inside linebacker, Billings West; JJ Lindsey, inside linebacker, Billing West; McCade O'Reilly, inside linebacker, Bozeman; Alex Johnson, outside linebacker, Helena; Hayden Ferguson, outside linebacker, Helena; Kade Wilcox, outside linebacker, Billings West; Rollie Worster, safety, Missoula Hellgate; Tucker Greenwell, safety, Great Falls CMR; Lucas Gibb, safety, Billings West; Zach Spiroff, cornerback, Helena; Jesse Owens, cornerback, Billings West; Trevin Gradney, cornerback, Billings West; Kyle Torgerson, cornerback, Great Falls; Elias Dewaters, punter returner, Missoula Sentinel; Preston Blain, kick returner, Kalispell Glacier; Tucker Greenwell, special teams, Great Falls CMR

Second team: Alaric Greil, end, Helena Capital; Ryan Lonergan, end, Bozeman; Andrew Siderius, end, Kalispell Flathead; Sebastian Koch, end, Kalispell Flathead; Garrison Poetzl, end, Billings Senior; Gunnar Landrum, inside linebacker, Kalispell Flathead; Sam Sheppard, inside linebacker, Helena; Carl Anderson, inside linebacker, Butte; Paxton Boyce, outside linebacker, Kalispell Flathead; Max Evenson, outside linebacker, Billings Senior; Ben Maehl, safety, Missoula Big Sky; Blaise Meriweather, safety, Missoula Sentinel; Zach Tallman, safety, Billings West; Chance Sheldon-Allen, cornerback, Kalispell Flathead; Jace Dewalt, cornerback, Missoula Sentinel; Junior Bergen, cornerback, Billings Senior; Zach Spiroff, punt returner, Helena; Gabe Longin, kick returner, Great Falls; Chance Sheldon-Allen, kick returner, Kalispell Flathead; Cooper Biegler, special teams, Helena

Honorable mention: Chrisitan Unger, end, Missoula Big Sky; Brock Field, end, Missoula Sentinel; Jack Kanta, end, Helena; Rylan Waananen, end, Butte; Bryce Depping, end, Great Falls CMR; Kobe Nelson, end; Billings West; Torin Jackson, end, Missoula Sentinel; Cody Crowley, end, Helena; Sam Potoczny, end, Great Falls; Spencer Warren, end, Bozeman; Keanan Horne, inside linebacker, Helena; Cole Crosby, inside linebacker, Kalispell Glacier; Zane McCormick, inside linebacker, Helena Capital; Ben Held, inside linebacker, Great Falls; Gunner Hegg, inside linebacker, Billings Senior; Brandon Schmid, outside linebacker, Missoula Sentinel; Kadyn Craigle, outside linebacker, Helena Capital; Quinn Sullivan, outside linebacker, Butte; Cade Nelson, outside linebacker, Billings West; William Leep, outside linebacker, Bozeman; Cooper Biegler, safety, Helena; Garrett Frost, safety, Kalispell Glacier; Brian Wells, safety, Kalispell Flathead; Brendan Hill, safety, Missoula Sentinel; Johnnie McCluskey, safety, Billings Senior; Scout Allen, safety, Butte; Brandon Coladeonato, cornerback, Missoula Hellgate; Gus Hanson, cornerback, Helena Capital; Seth Moon, cornerback, Kalispell Flathead; Oran Nash-Bergen, cornerback, Billings Senior; Kale McCarthy, cornerback, Butte; Ryan Simpson, cornerback, Bozeman; Jesse Owens, punt returner, Billings West; Brandon Coladeonato, punt returner, Missoula Hellgate; Oran Nash-Bergen, punter returner, Billings Senior; Tucker Greenwell, punt returner, Great Falls CMR; Noah Braden, kick returner, Helena Capital; Connor Ryan, kick returner, Billings West; Jett Rebish, special teams; Missoula Big Sky; Garrett Rieke, special teams, Kalispell Flathead; Kade Wilcox, special teams, Billings West

MVP: Lucas Gibb, Billings West.

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