Two suspects in the massive theft from athletes during a Columbus High School football game appeared in Rosebud County Justice Court Monday on multiple charges.

The men both requested a defense attorney, but did not enter pleas, according to court records. 

Dalton Hilliard, of Billings, and Grant Russell, of Bozeman, have each been charged with theft, criminal trespass to property and obstructing a peace officer.

In addition, Hilliard has been charged with fleeing from a peace officer, driving a vehicle with a suspended license and for a stop sign violation while he was allegedly fleeing police, according to court records.

Hilliard, 21, and Russell, 23, are suspected of stealing two cars from the Columbus High parking lot last Friday, as well as cell phones, wallets and car keys from a Columbus locker room during a football game between Columbus and Three Forks on Friday night. The suspects crashed one of the cars, a 2006 silver Audi SE A6 3.2, in Forsyth on Saturday afternoon and ran away. Police caught Hilliard and Russell after a two-plus-hour search.

The theft charge pertains to the Audi and does not include the other stolen items. Hilliard and Russell were charged with trespassing because they hid on someone’s private property in Forsyth before police found them. The two suspects also failed to stop during the pursuit, which resulted in the obstructing a peace officer charge.

Hilliard was charged with fleeing a peace officer after failing to stop when police attempted to pull them over. He was driving “well over” 80 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, according to court records.

The second stolen vehicle, a 2013 black BMW SV X5, is still missing, but police did find the car’s key, according to Columbus resident Cristy Goldsmith. Her son, Columbus senior Tommy Campbell, drove the BMW to Friday’s game, and his key was stolen from the locker room.

Neither the Rosebud County Sheriff’s Office nor the Columbus Police Department could be reached for comment on Tuesday.

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