BILLINGS — In-season and out-of-season dates for Montana high school sports have been adjusted and clarified.

The Montana High School Association, which canceled the spring sports season on Wednesday, will not allow any activities from now until May 7, MHSA executive director Mark Beckman wrote in an email. May 7 is when schools will have the option of returning to in-class instruction.

"With schools not in session we are not in-season or out-of-season," Beckman wrote.

Activities will become out of season from May 7 to June 1. It will be up to schools to decide if athletes and coaches can be in contact, if facilities are open and if other requirements, such as physical distancing practices, must be followed.

June 1 to July 31 will remain the MHSA's summer period, Beckman wrote, and specific decisions will again be at the discretion of individual schools and school districts. The MHSA does not oversee out-of-season camps, tournaments, etc.

Out-of-season restrictions will pick back up from Aug. 1 until fall sports begins a couple weeks later.

All of these dates, of course, are subject to change given the uncertainty involved with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

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