BILLINGS — Veteran Wolf Point coach Dan Horsmon was hired Monday to take over the Wolves' tennis program, Wolf Point athletic director Cody Larson announced Tuesday.

Horsmon, 53, coached tennis at Wolf Point from 2001 to 2013, serving as head coach for about seven years before moving to Minnesota. He returned to Wolf Point in 2018 and has been an assistant basketball and volleyball coach the previous two seasons. He will continue to coach volleyball this coming season, he told Tuesday.

Horsmon replaces Nicole Boos, who transferred to Glasgow, as head tennis coach.

“Super excited. This is my favorite thing to coach,” Horsmon said. “I have a great connection with the kids.”

Horsmon grew up in Maryland near Baltimore and first lived in Montana when he served on the Malmstrom Air Force Base. He briefly lived in Washington, D.C., then moved to Wolf Point in 1991.

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