State volleyball tournaments


Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Bozeman

Class AA


Missoula Sentinel def. Great Falls 3-0.

Helena def. Bozeman 3-0

Billings Senior def. Kalispell Glacier 3-0

Helena Capital def. Billings West 3-0

Sentinel def. Helena High 3-0

Senior def. Capital 3-0


Bozeman def. Great Falls 3-0

Billings West def. Kalispell Glacier 3-2

Capital def. Bozeman 3-1

Helena def. Billings West  3-1

Missoula Sentinel def Billings Senior  3-2 undefeated semifinal

Capital def. Helena 3-2, loser fourth place


Billings Senior def. Helena Capital 3-1 loser third place

Missoula Sentinel def. Billings Senior 3-0 championship. 

Class A


Billings Central def. Stevensville 3-0

Libby def. Lewistown 3-2

Belgrade def. Whitefish 3-0

Corvallis def. Glendive 3-0

Billings Central def. Libby 3-0

Belgrade def. Corvallis 3-2


Lewistown def. Stevensville 3-0

Whitefish def. Glendive 3-2

Corvallis def. Lewistown 3-0

Libby def. Whitefish 3-2

Billings Central def. Belgrade 3-0 undefeated semifinal

Corvallis def. Libby 3-2, loser fourth place


Belgrade def. Corvallis 3-0, loser third place,

Billings Central def. Belgrade 3-1, championship 

Class B


Jefferson def. Florence 3-2

Huntley Project def. Fairfield 3-0

Joliet def. Shelby 3-0 

Three Forks def. Eureka 3-0

Huntley Project def. Jefferson 3-0

Joliet def. Three Forks 3-1


Florence def. Fairfield 3-0

Shelby def. Eureka 3-2

Florence def. Three Forks 3-0

Jefferson def. Shelby, 3-0

Huntley Project def.. Joliet 3-0 undefeated semifinal

Florence def. Jefferson 3-2, loser fourth place


Florence def. Joliet 3-2, loser third place,

Huntley Project def. Florence 3-0, championship,

Class C

First round

Roy-Winifred def. Wibaux 3-0

Ennis def. Great Falls Central 3-0

Gradiner def. Bridger 3-1

Belt def. Scobey 3-0

Ennis def. Roy-Winifred 3-0

Belt def. Gardiner 3-0


Great Falls Central def. Wibaux 3-0

Bridger def. Scobey 3-0

Gardiner def. Great Falls Central 3-2

Bridger def. Roy-Winifred 3-0

Ennis def. Belt 3-1, undefeated semifinal

Gardiner def. Bridger 3-2 loser fourth place


Belt def. Gardiner 3-2, loser third place,

Ennis def. Belt 3-0 championship, 1 p.m.

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