Class B-C Wrestling Coaches Poll

Class B teams: Glasgow, Huntley Project, Townsend, Colstrip, Whitehall, Cut Bank, Columbus-Absarokee-Park City, St. Ignatius-Charlo, Eureka, Thompson Falls.

Class C teams: Circle, Superior-Alberton, Cascade.


103: Gavin Nedens, Huntley Project; Nathan Blodnik, Anaconda; Ryder Hansen, Superior-Alberton; Brandin Murphy, Cut Bank; Guy Williams, C-A-PC; Leo Anderson, Jefferson.

113: Krayle Stormer, Circle; Parker Craig, Huntley Project; Robbie Burns, Colstrip; Miguel Ramos, Fairfield; Wyatt Hood, C-A-PC; Christian Davis, Jefferson.

120: Trae Thilmony, Thompson Falls; Tugg Taylor, Circle; Dawson Powers, Whitehall; Weston Timberman, C-A-PC; Cody St. Claire, Jefferson; Tanner Cook, C-A-PC.

126: Gunner Smith, Eureka; ROoper Mycke, Conrad; Walker Murphy, St. Ignatius-Charlo; Cooper Cook, C-A-PC; Cameron Reilly, Forsyth; Harold Miller, Shelby.

132: Colten Fast, Glasgow; Kyle Durden, Eureka; Riy Richtmyer, Townsend; Mike Wilkinson, Whitehall; Brady Ellison, C-A-PC; Roman Sparks, Thompson Falls.

138: Nathan Schmidt, Eureka; Easton Held, Townsend; Conrad Vanderwall, Plains; Canyon Casterline, Circle; Matt Larsen, Cut Bank; Forest Fairbanks, Manhattan.

145: Cole Becker, Circle; Isaac DuMontier, St. Ignatius-Charlo; Dallan Hoover, Whitehall; Dawson Buckalew, Colstrip; Ron Barnhill, Conrad; Wes Buchanan, Superior-Alberton.

152: Andrew Anderson, Cut Bank; Darwin Adams, St. Ignatius-Charlo; Hank Dunn, Eureka; Kaden Zimmerman, Glasgow; Riley Forcella, Whitehall; Klause Rauser, Townsend.

160: Rylin Burns, Colstrip; Austin Vanek, Cut Bank; Callen Mears, Malta; Ty Steele, Townsend; Kyler Hallock, Glasgow; Miles Hoerhauf, Whitehall.

170: Isaih Alik, St. Ignatius-Charlo; Will Lane, Townsend; William Loveridge, Huntley Project; Cylar Taylor, White Sulphur Springs; Caden Corwell, Cascade; Camron Brusven, Shelby.

182: Dylan Nieskens, Glasgow; Kyler Alm, Florence; Nate Gorham, Shepherd; Stran Selman, Huntley Project; Trey Green, Superior-Alberton; Teegan Shafer, Deer Lodge.

205: Cooper Larsen, Glasgow; Dakota Irvine, Thompson Falls; Brett Monroe, Valier; Kolter Bouma, Fairfield; Jadon Lamb, Townsend; Chandon Vulles, Superior-Alberton.

285: Trey Yates, Colstrip; Journey Grimsrud, Huntley Project; Mayson Phipps, Glasgow; Carter Beer, C-A-PC; Jacob Iapinski, Superior-Alberton; Chase Hould, Huntley Project.

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