Friday results

Laurel 36, Lewistown 35

113: Ivan Lee (LAUR) over (FELE) (For.) 120: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over Cody Fry (FELE) (Fall 0:46) 126: Aden Winder (LAUR) over Kason Olson (FELE) (Fall 0:36) 132: Cooper Birdwell (FELE) over Max Brown (LAUR) (Fall 2:49) 138: Colton Picco (FELE) over Dillon Ray (LAUR) (Fall 4:47) 145: Keagan Thompson (LAUR) over (FELE) (For.) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over (FELE) (For.) 160: Duane Otto II (FELE) over Camden Johnson (LAUR) (MD 13-5) 170: Keaton Potter (FELE) over Cole Younger (LAUR) (Fall 2:13) 182: Cameron Younger (LAUR) over (FELE) (For.) 205: Landon Farrar (FELE) over Connor Ulschak (LAUR) (Fall 1:47) 285: Dylan Morris (FELE) over Gabriel Hernandez (LAUR) (Dec 4-1) 103: Damen McCord (FELE) over Noah Michaelson (LAUR) (MD 10-2)

Laurel 73, Hardin 0

103: Noah Michaelson (LAUR) over Caton Buckner (HARD) (Fall 2:48) 113: Ivan Lee (LAUR) over Keith Pretty Weasel (HARD) (MD 11-1) 120: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.) 126: Aden Winder (LAUR) over Sean Mehling (HARD) (Fall 0:51) 132: Dillon Ray (LAUR) over Thomas Medicine Horse (HARD) (Fall 5:29) 138: Keagan Campbell (LAUR) over Kayden Howe (HARD) (Fall 3:55) 145: Keagan Thompson (LAUR) over Jace Guptill (HARD) (Dec 8-2) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over Jayden Tillman (HARD) (Fall 1:19) 160: Camden Johnson (LAUR) over Keyon Braided Hair-Fisher (HARD) (Fall 0:42) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over Jezrael Zane Cummins (HARD) (Fall 3:42) 182: Cameron Younger (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.) 205: Connor Ulschak (LAUR) over Dante Pallone (HARD) (Fall 5:28) 285: Gabriel Hernandez (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.)

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