Jeremy Williams at State OMokSee

Jeremy Williams rode "Shorty" to three 2019 State OMokSee titles, two in state record time.

HELENA -- Steve Hill, Rachel Boyd and Jeremy Williams led the Montana Saddle Club Association District II horseback riders at the MSCA State O-Mok-See Championships in Townsend recently. Hill and Boyd both placed runner-up in the High Points standings of their respective divisions.

Hill, competing in the 40-plus men's and aboard his horse “Hershey,” captured championships in Speed Barrels and Figure 8 Stake races, while placing second in the Key Race, Pole Bending and Team Speed Barrels. He was fourth in Pair Sack and Barrel & Stake as well.

In the 12-15 division, Boyd won the Arena Race and finished runner-up in the Half 8 and Figure 8 Stake. She also took fourth in the Speed Barrels.

In the men’s 16-39, Williams placed third in the High Points, while winning the Arena Race and Barrel & Stake Races, both in new state records. Jeremy also captured the Figure 8 Stake title.

O-Mok-See is a Blackfoot Indian term for “Riding Big Dance,” and consists of numerous different horse and rider events.

In the 46-plus women, Marsha Hill came in third in the High Points, powered by a Pole Bending title and a third-place showing in the Barrel & Stake. She took fourth in both Pair Sack and Key Race as well.

Karen Boyd garnered fifth in the High Points, with a pair of crowns in Speed Barrels and Half 8, and a third in the Arena Race. Placing seventh High Points was Peggy Huntington, behind a Figure 8 Stake championship, and a third in Pair Sack, while Chris Ouellette captured 10th High Points, with a fourth in Speed Barrels.

In the 31-45 women, Darcy Alm finished third in High Points, sparked by a title in the Key Race, thirds in the Half 8 and Figure 8 Stake, and fourth in Speed Barrels.

Annie Williams placed fifth in High Points, with a Figure 8 Stake crown. She took second in the Key Race, as well, and was fourth in the Arena Race. Annie and husband Jeremy Williams’ horse “Shorty,” owns three national records and five state marks.

Finishing ninth in High Points was Sedona Heimann, who also claimed fifth in Barrel & Stake and Figure 8 Stake.

In the 40-plus men, Bill McGowan brought home a fourth-place High Points honors, highlighted by a pair of thirds in the Barrel & Stake and Pair Sack races, along with two fourth-placings in the Key and Arena Races.

In the 8-11 category, Joleahann Parker, who was crowned Junior Princess, finished sixth in the High Points. Her top individual finishes were two runners-up, in the Half 8 and Pole Bending. Brendon Brewer placed ninth in the 12-15 High Point. Brewer earned runners-up in both Speed Barrels and Team Speed Barrels. In the Under 8, Tavian Rasmussen took ninth High point, including a Mini Pair title and fourth in the Half 8.

Other local O-Mok-See competitors posting top-10 placings were Peggy Huntington, Kyran King, Kevin Parker, John Althof, CeCe French, Caleb O’Shea, Patsy Althof, Skip Nyberg, Maria Nyberg, Chad O’Shea, Christy O’Shea, Miranda Shular, Clancy Olson, Chris Oullette, Ashton Blubaugh, Sarah Amos, Madison King, Lexi Sandoval, Mariah Olson, Traven Feight, Lydia Feight, Bryn Jeske, Aniston Maier, Madison Demarios, Linda Wyrick, Rory Rasmussen, Kaylee O’Shea and Eva Maier.

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